Bikes on TGV France

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  • We will do that next time but it was fun exploring the metro with heavy bags

  • and getting stuck in every ticket gate

  • I have just found out that you can take bikes, assembled, on the RER (ie the good, big, quick and easy train that goes direct from Gare du Nord to Paris Lyon), just not Mon-Fri 6h30-9h00/ 16h30-18h30.
    (This doesn't help much with Gare du Nord- Montparnasse though)

  • Ive booked a TVG from Lille europe to Valence and as their was no option to reserve a bike on the online through the site, I thought id just do it afterwards on the phone.

    Rang the UK SNFC office and was told there is no way to add a bike afterwards from their end.­he-train/bringing-your-bike-into-france/­tgv/

    I either need to cancel both tickets or ring up SNFC france and plead for mercy - I don't speak french.

    Anyone have any experience with get a bike reservation?
    At the moment I'm thinking i'll save myself the £25 - each way (eurostar) & 10 euros - eachway (TGV) charges for taking a bike fully assembled.

  • I bought a bike in Lyon a few weeks back and brought it back south.
    I enquired before boarding, the reponse was: no .
    The last train of the day back ( a double decker)was 80% full.
    Here's what happened.

    I waited for the train to enter the station,
    as there were too many ticket inspectors.
    I spotted a guy with a proper bike bag ,
    he was faster than me,
    I was wheeling a tourer .
    There was a space for bike/ prams by the entrance.
    But with two prams unfolded ,
    babies busy plotting their next evasion tied in there ,
    oblivious mummies,
    and the fast bike bag already settled,
    I had to look around.
    The luggage space above head can't take a wheel.
    Maybe tying the rim to the bottom of the rack would do.
    On the top deck I found a vertical space beetween the luggage racks and the back of the passenger seats, the frame with guards fitted.
    The frame with one wheel might fit but I had already taken them out.
    Everything got dressed up with bin bags, Christo style.
    I had a good read.
    1 Time is very short once the train enters the station, and you're slow.
    2 It's a race

  • Anyone got any suggestions for some mountain riding in May accessible by TGV? Off to a conference and a couple of the people I know attending also ride. We rode in Thailand this year (nice, but way too hot) but it was really flat so they seem to want mountains rather than northern France/Flanders.

  • I have used a fancy Fairmean bag on TGV while someone I was riding with used binbags, both worked.

  • I was more interested in where rather than how. I'll have a bike bag with me anyway as I'm coming from a riding trip to work.

  • The Vercors and/or Chartreuse massifs would be my recommendation. Both easily accessible by train and both have quiet and challenging roads but are low enough in altitude terms to likely be fully open at that time of year.

  • ah! for MTB I have no idea, I have planned a few roadie trips with TGV though, they are quite painless.

  • @andyp I did the Vercors a couple of years back and really enjoyed it. It'd slipped my mind as something to ride up this year; I guess Grenoble would be a good base.

    @amey Yep road for me too. Just trying to work out what's achievable without too many transfers/changes as the guys probably only have a couple of days before heading back over the pond

  • The Vercors are great, but I prefer the Chartreuse, some beautiful climbs but really quiet too.

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Bikes on TGV France

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