The fixie-vision sticker contest

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  • ^ in the style of the original uber medallions of course ;)

  • someone at the ecmcs had stickers that said:

    "the only trick worth doing on a track bike is going fast"

  • My messenger bag
    haz no messages

  • National Hipster Society

    With a little NHS logo above ;)

  • fuck yeah!

  • National Hipster Society

    With a little NHS logo above ;)

    +1, I remember the tshirt you showed me!

  • repost

  • "my other ride is your mum"


  • I'm a fixie skidder - your mum won't like me.

  • My other bike is a bike

  • I've got a Skidsophrenia.

  • Saddles are good for your gooch.

  • MORE beers, less gears

  • Following obama: "Chains we can believe in"

  • "Word to your mother".

  • probably the best SE lager in the world

  • i'm sure charlie the bike monger used the bob marley one on some stickers already.

  • Do a skid!

  • Fakenger? Surely some mistakenger.

  • "at least i don't work for jews"

  • what would jebus ride.

  • Tell me about it. I've been laying down some absolute gold, and nothing.

    I may have to revert back to fart jokes and knob gags to please this crowd.

    They are a tough crowd here, I write and produce all my own jokes and even handle the publishing side of stuff, I also supply 'blue' humour and racist jokes to several right wing members here - but it gets harder to work this market - everyone is laughing at the politicians and the police these days - I might have to follow you into the cock and bum market.

  • How about:

    "Look at my big cock 'n' balls"


  • "I like tits"

  • "I done a shit"

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The fixie-vision sticker contest

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