Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • In time for cross season ending.

  • Core bib shorts - any good? Do they have a tendency to go 'see through'?

  • I’ve got two pairs, they haven’t gone see through but the stitching for the chamois has come undone on both sets. Keep meaning to send them back for repair.

  • I’ve got two pairs, they haven’t gone see through but the stitching for the chamois has come undone on both sets. Keep meaning to send them back for repair.

    Maybe try the repair pop-up Albion are running for Black Friday - much quicker than the rapha repair I imagine and you get a cool patch too...

  • I've got core cargo bib shorts and my mate insists they went see through but I can't see it no matter the methods I try.
    They've became my home trainer shorts since then just to be on the safe side.
    But in general I think it's a good value for money.

  • I really like them. They did have a tendency to go see through but none other than Il Dovvo insists that the underlying issue has been addressed.

  • I had some strange issue with the core cargo bibs where the "elastic" started coming out of the lycra. No quibble return and voucher replacement tho, and this was a 2 year-old pair.

    Other pair are fine though, same age.

  • Is there anything you can do with bibs when they have gone see through?

    I have a pair of Rwanda national team bibs that i got whilst over there and are irreplaceable, but have seen a bit too much use now.

  • Wear under longs in winter

  • sew a square of lycra into the back, on the inside, ideally following the existing seams on the sides and stitching into the edge of the pad at the bottom. when i've done this previously i've left the top of the square unstitched without issues

  • Picking up conversation from a few months back^

    The beginning of the transition to C0/PFC-free water-resistant tech;

    My understanding is that PFC’s will be phased out from their products entirely, membranes, coatings, reproofer.

  • And yes, as @Brain-Stew suggests, if you can find black lycra (‘warp knit’ so ideally can be left raw-edge and not ladder), to apply a big panel on inside and stabilise

    Use Bondaweb hot-melt film to hold in place, before zig-zag stitching to allow stretch/movement of the stitch. Good luck!

  • After seeing the new winter stock of infinium products last week i was a little disappointed . Stuff seems so flimsy compared to my ten year old paclite from karrimore . I dont know why someone doesn't go all in with a gore pro or event pertex waterproof winter jacket that isnt black and backpack compatible . Plus form fitted for cycling.

  • Albion? 7Mesh? Arcteryx? All have that

  • I mean, I'm sure this is the best way to do it, but even a cack-handed numpty like me can manage a coarse running stitch like below, which has kept the "arse crack of doom" from seeing the light of day for a few more years. So don't let the description above put you off taking up a home repair. No offence intended @Chopsicle!

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  • Hello, any interest in a "Rapha Wool Coat - XS"? It's in solid condition, my gut has just outgrown it. It's the one with the natty suit bag and clip-in-able insulated gilet.

    Photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/6yPwz4bywANkdr­xU7

    It's on the bigger side of XS to me, pit-to-pit, measured at the seams with the tape measure held taught, it was 50cm. Zip is slightly fiddly, but has always been like that, so I assume its not a fault.

    50GBP + postage seems fair to me, but feel free to make an offer.

  • The F&F sample sale was a total cluster fuck. Shit everywhere. No free beers.

  • Oh no could you not get a load of pricey kit for basically nothing?

  • Florence & Fred?

  • What was the availability/pricing like on the sample sale? Deliberating whether to go today or not, its quite a long journey for me from SW

  • Where is this elusive sample sale located?

  • It's a secret

  • HQ but it's ticketed and invite only

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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