Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • And warm when wet. I like infinium since I got the Sportful gloves that I think Glws recommended.

  • Thanks for the explanation, I guess it is more insulated than just a windbraker. It sounds like a softshell with windbraker function. Which strictly rain jacket would you recommend? Doesn't matter which brand!

    @Glws As I read right now gloves are even mentioned more than once on the gore-tex info webpage, and @snoops confirms, so I am going to get Infinium gloves for spring/fall – now I don't use gloves until it gets so cold and then I use thick winter gloves.

  • Yes it depends on conditions and everyone's ways with gloves.
    I could conpare the way they work to a windproof get with alpha insulation. Even wet they still create some sort of air layer that keeps your body/hands warm. Because there is no membrane they tend to dry quicker with the wind

  • Do rapha have an equivalent to a Gabba? I've got a voucher and thats about the only piece of kit I could do with replacing

  • I assume the new Gore Tex Infinium stuff will be gabba-esque, as AW21 gabbas were infinium. I hope Rapha does a short-sleeve option.

  • They used to do the Shadow Jersery but I don't think that's around any more. I have the LS version of it, is is "ok". Pro Team Winter Jacket is probably a bit thick in comparison but my fav thing to wear when it properly cools off. Never had a gabba so not exactly sure

  • I've got a winter jacket, the gabba is more of a cold, wet autumn day than a winter sort of thing.

    @snoops my gabba has removable sleeves which is pretty good, if i was paying myself I'd get a new one of those

  • Cheap XS/S clothing for anyone is interested.


  • Am sure it closed many weeks (months ago) but any why did Rapha Spitalfields disappear?

  • Almost a year ago, and rent was too high / not making a profit.

  • I think one factor is a lot fewer office staff in Bishopsgate/Spital Square area since the start of the pandemic.

    It's weird to think at one time there was Rapha, Cycle Surgery, a big Evans, Cafe des Cyclistes, some independent cycling clothes/cafe, and round the corner Swift, another CS, another Evans briefly I think. All now gone.

  • and instead there's a Peloton showroom

  • I need to replace some venerable Loopback trousers for casual winter commuting. They don’t seem to make them any more, are the Technical Trousers similar? Any good?

    They appear more trousery and less technical than the loopbacks.

  • technical trousers are NOTHING like loopback, when my 2 pairs of loopback eventually die I will weep

  • @Jameo I wore today first time my new technical trousers and I am disappointed: my loopback trousers broke (the zipper) so I got a €35 voucher from Rapha and bought the technical trousers:

    – no real tapered fit anymore, so when you roll up for example the drive side sleeve they're just too wide; socks over trousers time again
    – thin; they feel 'technical', like from a mountain equipment brand
    – no soft feeling inside
    – they're louder when walking
    – biggest drawdown: no elastic waistband; so I would have to wear for a perfect fit (30/32 in my case) a belt, the waistband is now like from a suit pant
    – but symbol/kids printing inside, wow, how awesome, i needed that

    I'll keep them, arrange with it, but the loopback pants were thousand times better. I think I will try to repair my loopback trousers, one tailor said too complicated, Rapha said no, so maybe I'll ask another tailor. But the ass zone is really getting thin already, so after the zipper this will break next.

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  • Anyone a regular at RCC Manchester, or tried to hire a bike from there? I'm there infrequently with work and wondering if it's worth the membership to get access to the Open Ups they apparently have now? It does say that some stores (sorry clubhouses) still have Canyons though, can anyone confirm?

  • Old Camelbak x Rapha bidons… anyone know whether any of the newer camelbak lids fit / got a link for the silicon bite valve / have an unwanted yellow one…?

    Toddlers favourite bottle was toddlered…

  • How would this compare to the classic winter jersey (the newer version with the zippers for ventilation)? Better weather protection, not as warm as the winter jersey?

  • More of a water resistant race jersey than a touring kit

  • It was only a matter of time

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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