Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • Pro Team Training bibs are the comfiest I've ever used so far. Big ol thick pad and nice compression.

  • Yeah I prefer training to PT tbh

  • Oh Lordy, I don't have any mates at Rapha anymore. How does a skint cyclist get a discount these days? I'll even fill out one of those surveys.

  • It's only 10%, but you're welcome to use my referral code.


  • Just been out for an hour in my non-core cargo shorts and it's confirmed that I just don't get along with them. Anyone with both core and non-core think it's worth me trying the core ones?

    Anyone with core ones in a small want to try a swap? (Is that grim, forget I ever said it if so.)

  • Someone rubbing they’re hands with glee here - move over Rapha, you’re no longer nice or pricey enough.

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  • PAS has already become the choice for middle aged EC1 types.
    There is a gap in the market for someone cool. MAAP are doing well

  • MAAP?! Been there done that about 3 years ago - that was the transfer to Pas….
    Unfortunately too many people jumped on the PAS bandwagon too quickly, and what was niche, very nice, and actually cheaper than Rapha before Brexit, is now unfortunately worn by the likes of the Pinarello/Colnago brigade.
    Even heard that that jersey for sale is actually just an NFT….

  • That’s what @dbr says too. About maap

  • Nah they've made moves in the last couple of years. MAAP are way cool again

  • Funnily enough, around the time you stopped wearing it ;)

  • Haha - true.
    Unfortunately I invested heavily in Pas very early on.
    Seeing it slowly creeping in a Rapha direction (albeit with a much better colour palate and infinitely better shape and sizing) upsets me.

  • The gap in the market is already occupied by Albion.

  • What do you mean by better shape? I agree that the Rapha palette has gone off a bit.

  • They don't have a big enough range yet and their bib shorts go very see through

  • Lolz - they can dream

  • This may just be a reflection of the fact that I’m about 20kg lighter than when I last wore Rapha, and in wearing a Large everything was very long….
    The fact I now fit a Small PNS is
    a) frankly miraculous
    b) perhaps falsely inflating my praise

  • What do we think about BlackSheep. Their HQ is (was?) across the road from my "local" when I'm working in Brisbane but never made an effort to check out how their kit is.

  • I discovered this bib issue to my shame last week. The pad is great but the material is not.

  • That hasn't happened to mine, FWIW.

    But the reason I like Albion is because it's not flashy and they're just creating good, reasonably priced product. Some of which I think is very innovative.

    PNS looks like a hot steaming pile of garbage. Soz.

    MAAPs cool again, but for me it's all way too race fit. I don't want elbow length sleeves. The Alt_Road tees look cool though. Bibs are very expensive...

  • i mean, id definitely choose a pair of bibs where whoever's behind me can see what i had for lunch, over any other alternative........

  • Maap is worn by everysingle bell end influancer. If that's cool.

  • If they couldnt get a gig from Rapha....

  • Albion stuff looks great and is very good from what i've seen but for the love of god why is everyone saying it's reasonably priced?

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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