Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • Anyone got one of the limited edition shakedry for sale in a L either the purple or pink? Cheers

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  • you can buy rapha in john lewis now ?!

  • If there happen to be two kicking about I might be interested too.

  • I got my cargo shorts back from the repairers yesterday after around 14 weeks. A 1mm hole patched rather crudely with a 2cm square double thickness piece of Lycra. Straight stitching with no apparent stretch I’m not sure it’s going to last long. It looks less than 5 minutes work tbh.

  • I was just about to rant about my cargo shorts again...

    The stitching coming off from rubbing inside leg just resulted in some structural disengagement and now I can poke a finger through the gap and touch my thighs. The colour also faded away so bad soon they will look more grey than black.

    I know I took a 40% rapha voucher instead of replacement but it still leaves me with my right to rant, I guess. A season in €240 shorts shouldn't completely destroy them (I think).

    I'll be looking to try some other brand bibs.
    Sadly PNS or assos doesn't have cargo bibs and maap are a little bit too colourful.
    Currently got my eyes on pedaled and 7mesh.

    Any other recommendations?

  • God and Famous have launched some... no experience. 7mesh is usually good (have a raincoat from them) but not tried their shorts either.

  • I got the Endura GV500 bib and Etxeondo EXO Adventure bibs to try out.

    Endura have a divider in one of the pockets making it pretty useless to me, not big enough for a phone. So one normal size pocked one split in two that will only fit a mini pump etc.

    Etxeondo - I liked although they are a bit too long. I rode Badlands in them as my Rapha ones were very worn out (took them as spare). They are comfy and worked well, although the pad is too wide at the front for me a rubbed on my upper thighs a bit. On the last day the stitching between the elastic and the lycra at the front came apart so I will be returning them (technically after only one ride).

    Rapha ones are still going strong, it's just the pad that is past its best. I used them on the Transatlantic Way in 2019 and for loads of riding since so not surprised.

  • Galibier.

    I like mine, haven't been used extensively but very happy for the price.

  • Does anyone know what the capacity of the original rapha backpack is? I think I saw 13L+7 somewhere.

    Mine is now too small for most days so I need to find an alternative

  • Just get a 35L Ortlieb?

  • I do like the Ortleib, but A bag with a single 35L void isn’t really what I’m after I don’t think

  • From China to Mt Ventoux, any idea if Chamois Cream has been discontinued? The tin is as good as the contents.

  • Haha yeah fair point. Cavernous hole of despair but keeps your shit well dry and can't be killed.

  • Would some luggage dividers help?

  • EVOC Explorer? If its anything like the Trail is has pockets n sections for days.

  • If you mean the Rapha cream... I hear it's been discontinued, yes. Supposedly supply chain issues that are hard to overcome.

  • It's back in the spring.

  • Anyone got the Rapha Trail Pants yet? They're showing out of stock online and I'm not sure if it's because they're sold out or haven't been in stock at all yet?

  • I don't think they've been in stock at all yet.

  • Any codes live at the moment?

  • Do Rapha ever do polartec Alpha jackets for women? I’m looking for something to keep the Ms warm and the brevet jacket looks ideal but they only do mens. There’s a santini jacket but it appears to only have alpha round the neck. Everything else is £300+ like sportful. a castelli Alpha Ros with the built in liner might do if I can find it discounted enough.
    There was a DHB lab one but again out of stock, black (not ideal) and looks like not being made this season.
    Everything seems to be either out of stock, not updated for this year and mens only.

  • Yes but there's not one at the moment, just the brevet insulated gilet. The women's version of the jacket will be in next year

  • Just in time for spring…

  • Just in time for Autumn actually :)

  • LaPassione do something that would be spot on if only they did it to fit women.

    I demand equal rights for women!

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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