Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • sure but that needs a smaller/cheaper office no?

  • Artist impressions vs streetview is impressive

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  • omg they even have @fussballclub (with dog) in render for authenticity !

  • It could be a good deal cheaper in Archway than Kings X meaning they can get a bigger/better office.
    Similar offices around Tileyard Road seem to be about £65/ft and it looks like the Laszlo building is 47.50/ft.
    I have no idea how much they want to let people work from home but even with the most flexy working you still need lots of excess space in case lots of people all want to be in on Mondays or whatever, and they'd been out growing the old office for years.

  • ^ this

  • makes sense, @PhilDAS sneak me in for a free flat white pls

  • I didn't think you went north of the river on your way to and from nursery

  • I travel for free stuff

  • Just not laundry services

  • yes.
    also tileyard area is under massive pressure from Kings Cross anyway. Egg has disappeared, lunch options were dire, better let Sky Studios take the warehouse before it makes way to housing.

    Archaway is a good deal, the street has many warehouses around, and the staff can join a proper club, ICC rides depart 200 meters away :)

  • I'm in three days a week and we all work in one big admin room and I would say people chat shit between 2 and 3 hours each day.

    Instead I now just go for a ride every day. So much fitter now :)

  • @amey, they outgrew Tileyard years and years ago. While I was there. And I haven't worked there for over four years.

  • Wasn't too bad after they fired half the company...

  • Oh, yes.... forgot about that bit.

  • Downe, Downe, deeper and Downe?

  • Bought a pair of core bib shorts to wear while my pro team ones are being repaired. Went for the first ride in them and they felt great (leg grippers and pad) but the straps were uncomfortable. They sit to the outside of my chest/shoulders. As though they were stitched on too wide at the front. Is this normal fit?

  • Did some investigation and compared my core bib shorts to another pair of core bib shorts. The straps on mine are stiched on 2 inches further apart (both size small). I'll email rapha.

  • Strange, though I've always found the core cargo's straps to be placed very wide apart anyway (something I remember noting first time I tried them) whilst not uncomfortable I don't much like it. Need those PT cargo bibs.

  • Searching for A) long sleeve fall/winter or wind jersey and/or B) insulated west in small size – seems to be A) out of stock or B) no options available. Wondering where’s the stock?

  • Unfortunately Ryan Mullen has won the Irish National Championships RR, so we won't be seeing Ben Healy in a NC jersey at his new team EF. Any Rapha designers reading this thread who have made or mocked up some IE jerseys already, my DMs are open.

  • I would like to see that also if you get it

  • Nice one.

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  • Can we expect a drop of insulated gilets anytime soon?

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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