Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • It's closer to hills where people can go and suffer.

  • before we know it they'll all be lining up in wittington park

  • the Col de Caledonian road KOM is about to get pretty competitive

  • As if Rapha wearers would ever get that lost. :)

  • this is disturbing news, since i expect half the staff to be living beyond Pekcham, will they have to relocate to Totteridge ?

  • I live in Dulwich; it's only a couple of extra kms (prolly 10/15mins extra) so just a tinsy bit more suffering.

  • i was needlessly trolling :) rapha staff are genuinely my favorite prommuters. Archway has changed quite a bit recently, it should be nice.

  • The trolling is welcome. Also, York Way has been royally trashed with fragmented bike lanes and questionably placed crossings, so those classic 'Rapha' segments might as well be archived. Looking forward to some new ones.

  • yes York way is a pain now. Archway area is spoilt for little climbs apart from the most famous ones, if you can get there outside of peak hours. Hazelville, Sheperds, Queeenswood, Cressida, etc.

  • My lasting memory of Archway will always be a nightclub called Cheekos that somehow accepted our National Insurance card as ID when we were 15ish. You had to wear shoes and a shirt like all classy venues, but no need to worry if you had gone out in trainers and got carried away, the burger van outside would rent you some.

    You can try to gentrify the area with grey/pink stripes Rapha, but you will never take the above from me.

  • Archway has an M&S now don't you know!

  • Anyone dyed a Classic Jersey? My black one has faded from the sun.

  • It'll be tricky to do I'd guess with the white trim

  • I thought socks over trainers was the work around?

  • It's a pure black one, was a special edition or something.

  • Can confirm that the overshoes method also worked.

  • archway, the thinking man's elephant and castle

  • I used to live in Archway/Upper Holloway borders as a student in the mid 90s.
    Do the pubs serve women these days?

  • Still many stabby old men bars up there. I for one am looking forward to the 2022 “Archway” collection.

  • I'm at least expecting Archway to be redesigned with a proper archway.

  • archway, the thinking man's elephant and castle

    About to be crumbled to replace with gentrified shite?

    I guess Rapha know what they're doing.

  • Archway office; whats the point doing this mid-pandemic and then pushing your staff (who would like WFH) to come back now that you have spunked the money on a new office?

    I know Rapha's main tool for recruitment is 'the cool office' but most dont give a fuck I'd assume anymore. Same goes for big tech companies with ridiculous things like 'in-office laundry' etc.

    Colossal stupid in the new world of flexi working.

  • What about those invaluable, accidental moments with colleagues at the watercooler or on your way to the stationary cupboard when you've run out of carbon paper for the dot-matrix printer (again!)

    I'm in three days a week and we all work in one big admin room and I would say people chat shit between 2 and 3 hours each day.

  • customer service, developers and the like, yeah. But for people that work in garment development and all those things that need physical access to something to make the clothes to sell people, you need an office.

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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