Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • Supposedly yeah - I checked this is a CS person over emails beforehand.

  • "my product i used for 3 years which covers the only contact point between me and the bike other shoes, has worn out"

    but i can relate, lycra is a terrible material to have long lasting clothing from, i certainly like to keep my clothing more than 3 years! a nice set of cotton (ventile if you'd like some water resistance) shorts which can be easily repaired and re-used is much better for the climate conscious.

  • seriously, 3 years! how can you possibly hold a company to that sort of standard. I don't think I've ever even had a pair of jeans last more than 3 years before going at the crotch, and they're literally made of denim.

    £85 is not much for a pair of bibs and £55 is an utter bargain.

  • Isn't this really about number of wears and distance? If I had a pair of bibs and used them three times for short journeys over a couple of years, I'd be pissed if they were worn out. But, if I wore them 50km every other day for a year, I'd be chuffed they lasted that long.

  • Customer Service aren't to know that though. If I'd barely worn them and they'd worn out and it was 3 years later, I'd think "bit too late to complain by now"

  • There is no women's version of the Core Cargo Bib Shorts. There is a Core Bib Shorts, a Core Cargo Shorts, and a Cargo Bib Shorts. What gives?

  • Because there isn't much money to be rinsed from MAWILS

  • Probably because it won't fit on the product description line, god forbid if there's a lightweight thermal gore-tex long brevet version on the way.

  • mine went at 2 years old and i was told to expect that... absolute tosh (yes, tosh!)

    they weren't worn exclusively for 2 years, only in the warmer months, and even then i have other bibs (rapha ones i hasten to add) that i roatate the usage of, so maybe worn them for twice a week for 8 months in total... it's not great, is it?

    i got a £35 voucher

    if every set of bibs wore out at the same rate i'd be more understanding... but no, only the core cargo bibs did

  • At this point I don't recognize the existence of pocketless bibs, they need to sort it out

  • Ha, I should have known my post would be divisive!

    For me, one of Rapha's main differentiators is that they will replace or repair your kit when needed. That's the reason I bought the shorts. To think that I then wouldn't make use of that guarantee when needed is an interesting perspective. I agree that 85 quid for 3 years of bib short is absolutely acceptable. However, when nothing else is wrong with the short other than the single see-through panel, I also think it's acceptable for me to make full use of their guarantee and ask for a repair or replacement.

    I wouldn't have asked for anything if the shorts were Castelli, for example. Equally, though, I've many cheaper pairs of bibs from other brands outlast these ones, so I don't agree with those saying that expecting that sort of life is unreasonable.

  • For me, one of Rapha's main differentiators is that they will replace or repair your kit when needed.

    Like ‘bottomless coffee’

    But more ‘bottomless bibs’

    with exposed bottoms

  • which panel was see through? I don't think I've had this issue but maybe I'm not looking in the right place

  • In my case it is the left side panel. This is a photo from June, when I contacted Rapha. Used the bibs quite a bit since then and it got a lot worse in those few months.

  • I got a first generation of the core bib short and it lasted around 6 months before going see through. It has been relegated to turbo duties

  • Anyone have a pair of Attacus bib shorts? Just wondering how the sizing compares to Rapha pro team bibs.


  • I wondered the same about why the men's trail shorts have 4 pockets and some waist adjustment, and the women's have 2 pockets and a wide elastic at the waist with no adjustment.

  • This post didn't get the credit it deserved. I just wanted to commemorate and put in a potential nomination for the Lfgss hall of fame.

  • They are 'fine'. Not pro team spec shorts obviously, but the pockets work well under a baggy top.

  • Pro Team Training Bibs, my favourite bibs for fit and comfort....literally coming apart at the seams. Bought in February and on rotation with 3 other bibs so far from excessive use.

    If they are sent in for repair....will it just happen again or do they make the effort to actively prevent the problem?

  • My understanding is that these days the repair service only applies if the item in question is damaged in "an accident". If it just wears out then tough.

  • I spoke to customer service live chat and she pointed me in the repair direction.

  • First ask if they can warranty-replace them, as they're less than 12 months old.

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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