Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • they are fleece lined !!

  • Got a pair for sale in M. Worn once less than 50km

    Too short for me. Had to size up to L. I'm a whole 6 feet.

  • how are the assos mille GT bibs ?

    Don't know about Mille GT but Equipe RS S9 is pretty good.

    Going on a tangent, here's what I gathered from the 100+ page Assos thread in weightweenies:

    Mille GT - Comfort Fit, pad slightly further forward for a more upright position. Consider this every day kit.
    Equipe RS - Racing Fit, more compressive / aero. Pad slightly further forward for a lower position on the bike. Consider this 'fast', 'race' or 'special day' kit.
    Cento 113 - Comfort Fit, pad slightly further forward. More tech than Equipe and Mille. Luxury, cosetting kit for those who want or need more.

    Mille GT is the cheapest and is everything most people need. Superb products with one of the best chamois available. Materials are world class and the cut is slightly more accomodating than out and out race fit. It could be considered training kit for those racers riding mega miles, and best kit for the rest of us. It works with the other products perfectly too.

    Equipe RS is up a price point, because the technology and materials are more expensive. It is our race proposition and aero.

    Cento / 113 takes the materials and tech from Equipe, and applies the fit from Mille GT.

  • With the Winter Bibs, anything above 10ºC and I find I'm uncomfortably melty.

  • MTB stuff doesn't last as long as road stuff, it'll be hard to gain traction but then again MTBing isn't the same mtbing I started like 18 years ago. Its got a ton of dentists and doctors and rich folk in it now with all the gear and no idea and companies are spending big money to get the stuff sold. So it'll probs do allright.

  • thanks everyone, these were not the bibs I was looking for.

    IMO the MTB stuff will be seen in Epping in 3 weeks time. They can't call it it their gravel line due to widespread derison, but the desperation in the bridleway bros to be at least bib-casual-adjacent means baggier but well fitting stuff will find a home among many.

    ^ that sentence is worthy of a @Maj thread!

  • fuck u, I wear full lycra for bridleways

  • Yes but these are not 7mph libtard rides, you're going out for exercise and gettin rad on an XC bike.

  • This is a self report

  • gettin rad



    highly questionable

  • Colour - Ditchwater

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  • I am very tempted to pick something up from the MTB line. The technical t shirts look pretty casual compared to other stuff from other brands and would be good for cruising on my wanker bike. It's hot as balls here in the summer and I wouldn't feel ridiculous wearing one as I head down to the supermarket. But if I wore cotton I would be a sweaty mess by the time I got there.

  • For comfort I prefer my Decathlon RC500 bibs to my Rapha Classic bibs.

    I think there was something like a £140 difference in price.

    Size small in both - Decathlon are tighter/more-compressive.

  • Wow, Decathlon really upper their prices, huh?

  • Jake! You monster.

  • anyone know what time the new Strickland stuff will be available to none RCC members?

  • I don’t really get the deal with these ltd runs with early RCC access, is the idea to try drive more RCC subscriptions? Seems they sell out before then anyway so seems a bit odd.

    The Strickland shorts, how come they are so cheap in comparison to pro team or top range cargo?? Are they pro team training equivalent?

  • is the idea to try drive more RCC subscriptions? Seems they sell out before then anyway so seems a bit odd.

    Yes. That’s the point.

  • Is it working?
    Doesn’t seem like a sustainable model, but I don’t know anything about this sort of thing.

  • 48hrs early access for a cup and a spork. That's the sort of retail experience I truly desire.

  • They're PT Training cargo yep

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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