Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • MTB stuff has 'dropped' so I have 'picked up' the cargo liners and a SS shirt.

  • neither that nice nor pricey but some dude selling these on the bay, i got one for £34 + £3.85 postage

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  • Jacket looks alright and patch kit is a nice idea, but overall that's massively underwhelming as a range.

  • Training jersey in stock now!

  • thanks for the heads up, copped

  • Does anyone know where I could get replacement lenses for my Flyweight glasses? Hoping to avoid eBay

  • Does anyone know or have any discount codes they could share please? Much appreciated.

  • I was going to suggest the 10% refer-a-friend discount and it looks like they've discontinued it which is annoying. I'll keep looking though...

  • I think that might be your only bet, they've been discontinued for a while now.

  • I have a couple pair of lenses I could part with. Send me a PM and can discuss

  • Jacket looks alright and patch kit is a nice idea, but overall that's massively underwhelming as a range.

    Almost as if the investors designed it, or they did it because their investors wanted it [having spent 10+years saying they won't ever touch this area of cycling!]

  • I think the MTB range will be defined by its ability to grow outside of Rapha's current customer base of MTB-curious-Roadies into real-MTB'ers and my feel is the pricing is a bit punchy, the £110 Overshorts being the prime example.

    There's literally no reason they can't make a decent short for £60.

    Also, it's all kinda meh. I saw it and said to KJ "is that it? they've been working on it for 3 years?"

  • I think they will probably sell quite a lot that way but may hit a bit of a "I don't want to be the guy/girl wearing Rapha at the trail head" attitude.

    I'd probably grab a jersey in a sale.

  • MTB-curious-Roadies

    This lot is gullible. This is me and neil.


    This lot is not, they will spend £8k on bike but wont pay more than £50 for shorts.

  • Damn he's right. I'am all these things.

  • Neil and I ? @Oliver Schick

  • Yes, Neil and I. I mean, Neil and you.

  • This is me and Neil works.

    You wouldn't say This is I.

  • How warm are the winter bibshorts? I found some of the Sonic ones in the sale. Are these going to have a narrow range of useful days?

  • I generally wear mine (The older thermal versions) October til March (in UK)

  • Are winter bib shorts different to thermal bib shorts? I have thermal bib shorts, wear them whenever it's too warm for tights but great paired with kneewarmers - spring and autumn, early morning rides, things like that.

  • stop being impatient, its not even winter

  • So if I wore them in the summer I would be very unhappy? Crap. Ok cheers all. I know it says Winter right there in the title I am just struggling to get bibs that fit at a reasonable price. Assos, DHB, and Albion don't fit correctly, seems Rapha S are just right but core go see through and everything else is about £80 more than I have to spend

  • Sweaty bollocks and much thicker material

  • do the core ones still go see through ? I thought they'd fixed that. they're OoS anyway : /

    how are the assos mille GT bibs ? I need some new shorts (because my old cores went see through)

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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