Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • I'm just going to ride up Swiss Hill instead I think.

  • Have they stopped doing the bib + jersey bundle deal?

  • had a friend buy some core bib shorts recently and they got a follow up email from rapha offering a discount code on a core jersey ... so maybe it's still there but not advertised?

  • If you are a “Special Friend” of Herne Hill Velodrome (and I think you have to be to do Track League) then there were recently some Rapha discount codes flying around (20% I think).

    Also a load of other discounts: beers, coffees. And you’re supporting the velodrome.

  • went into the store (nyc) yesterday and they still do 20 or 30% off bib + jersey bought together

  • 20% off Pro Team / Explore (Brevet) / Classic, 10% off Core.

  • I did the London ADIH route on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it, the forest section is particularly lovely. I also had good company, though let's ignore the horrible bonk at Blackmore tearooms; mind I also rode from/back to SE22, had a hangover, took one bidon/no food and did 60km of Kent CX the day before. Treated myself to Honest burger and non regulation frites afterwards though.

  • Just had a look at this route, looks interesting. Possible on 28mm?

  • Should I go for merino base layer or merino mesh?

    Im in Sweden so its basically never going to be more than 30degree c

  • merino will keep you proper warm
    merino mesh is pretty much like normal mesh, not for warmth

  • Thanks. Maybe mesh is better for summer then. Got merino baselayers with long arms for winter.

    I am interested to know how the merino is a hot day though. Will be riding day and night from the north of sweden to the south this summer and would like something versatile. Night temperature of seven degrees c in the north.

  • I would go for a merino/poly blend, if it's for a riding top (not just a baselayer).

    The montane primino 140g/m2 will be ideal.

    If it's for a baselayer, I'd go for neither and use just a nice merino/poly blend top.

    The merino mesh baslayer is nice, but fragile. Also if you have the right top on, it's not really needed.

  • I find the merino base layers rather sturdy.

  • Thanks. Ill have a look!

  • I like merino mesh when it's hot - it seems to wick better and keep me more comfy than a jersey alone - but I run cold and don't sweat much.

  • I got stuck riding a merino base layer with a polyester jersey at the weekend in 25 degrees. It was fine, but I'd rather have been wearing merino mesh or even synthetic mesh in that temperature. Had my jersey unzipped where I wouldn't have with merino mesh or synthetic mesh.

  • One of us was on 28s so yes!

  • The Bristol ADIH route is up, quite a leisurely route

  • Im quite cold aswell. Think ill give it a go. Thanks

  • Are there any discount codes doing the rounds? I have a few bits of kit that urgently need replacing now that the days are getting longer.

  • @aney and @andyp have some I think ec1rp11ufyap was one they mentioned though sometimes they put them up back to front to stop Rapha seeing who has been giving away the codes online.

  • thought i'd gotten away with my core cargo bibs not being see through... and then boom suddenly see through after a couple of years good service... and like ridiculously see through too... wtf!? you can tell i'm not jewish, let's put it that way....

    anyway, replaced with none core, cargo bibs... and very happy i am with these too!

  • @rob_g_clarkson The core bibs have never made it past a year for me

    Does anyone know if the fabric has been/will be changed for core bibs?

  • How’s the length of the pro team training bibs?

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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