Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • now there's a story label.

  • It was here. Has it been delayed?

  • Yes - should be end of next week assuming they clear brexit related customs jams.

  • Would any forumenger like a Yellow ProTeam Lightweight Rain Gilet in Medium? £65 posted. A fiver of that going to forum.

    It's unmarked, basically new without tags. It has been on one 2hr ride only. It's a little large on me.

    {edit: gone now}

  • That's a great idea. What I would really need is one with a little cup in the bottom to cover the sensitive bits. It's cold out there (-18C), Brrrr!

  • @rox If you have an odd merino sock...

  • Has they fixed the issue with the core shorts going translucent after half a year of use?

  • I don’t think it’s happened to mine, which I’ve owned since the summer and probably put ~4000km on.

  • 2 months later, I feel I can give a fair impression of the Pro Team Winter Jacket. I actually ended up selling it.
    There's no question that it's a lovely thing, really well made with taped seams and a nice fleeced inside. I just found that it wasn't as warm as the Pro Team Training Jacket, which felt better against the wind and cold. The Pro Team jacket was better suited to really hard efforts, and unless you were going at it, you'd get cold. So it didn't really feel suitable for any winter base miles.
    I'm sure if you layered it a little more it'd be fine. I normally ride with a winter baselayer and just a jacket, which may have explained why I found it a bit cold. Having said that, I did find the training jacket just that bit warmer.

  • 2 months later, I feel I can give a fair impression of the Pro Team Winter Jacket.

    Can you do politicians and actors, too?

  • Are winter base miles still a thing?

  • a very relevant question

  • Are winter base miles still a thing?

    Yes, albeit a rather contentious thing.

  • The only winter kit you need is the indoor training shirt apparently

  • Hmm interesting, I’d have thought from spec and seeing it in person it’d be warmer than the PTTJ.

  • Different materials or lazy typing?

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  • All three look like wool to me. One has been updated with extra details, most likely because of an updated product colourway or a stock refresh. Older and low stock products naturally get neglected. But yeah they should probably be aligned better.

  • Is there much difference between the regular merino short sleeve base layer and the mesh version? Regular has been out of stock for a while now, PT looks to be summer wear only.

    Also, my old base layer is around 9 years old now, have sizes kept the same or gotten bigger/smaller?

  • The difference is it's mesh. Regular will make you look fatter.

  • I also couldn’t wait indefinitely for the Rapha unicorn restock.

    I bought a DHB 200g merino baselayer and the long sleeve PT baselayer.


    • The DHB ... is good. It does the job, feels extremely close to Rapha’s og merino baselayer. A little heavier.

    • The PT LS baselayer ... is really excellent. Better in every way really. I think if they made a short sleeve, round neck version I would quit using merino.

  • Looks like the width in the body could make it tricky to place quickly. I don’t think they need to wrap around or go over the shoulders like that, just cover the front. It looks like body armour. Also Yanto’s quote needs a copy check.

  • Yeah.. err.. weird.. I will stick to my Albion Burner.

  • They’ve missed an open goal with that one. It’s a very simple thing to get right. I’ve made three now and I don’t have a design department.

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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