Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • Soho never seems to have stock for me, unless you want socks...

  • Can anyone comment on the pro team cargo shorts as winter bibs? I sent my pro team thermals back after the chamois got shredded through in 3 weeks. Super warm, just didn't seem like they were going to last.
    After a new pair of thermal bib shorts now, thought maybe the pro team cargo shorts can double up as an effective winter short, given the material seems to be a bit thicker?

  • They are thicker and slightly water resistant but not lined. They aren’t pro team, more like Brevet. I like them put a lot of miles in with them.
    Were you thermal shorts the new ones? I was considering getting some.

  • I have a Large chartreuse pro Team Race cape with a small hole in, what would a sensible price for here be?

    This is the hole;

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  • Okay got it, thanks for clarifying. I might go for some le col thermal Bib shorts in that case.

    Yeh the Rapha bib shorts I bought were the new ones, the chamois pad started to bobble/rub away after about 3 weeks, of not especially strenuous use. Sent them back for a full refund.

    Someone tempted to buy a second pair, hoping that maybe they'll bobble up to a certain point, then stop?

  • Talking about dead ends, am I alone in wanting the blazer back?

    And a 12-20 min commute, glasgow weather, technical trousers, yes or no?

  • If you already have bibs and shorts buying technical trousers seems a waste. You still have to change out to get into work clothes. And technical trousers looks shit and always 2mm away from getting caught in the chain.

  • I took a razorblade / stitch unpicker to my race cape and removed the elastic band at the bottom of the torso. It's such a narrow cut and form fitting that all the elastic did was bunch up and make it uncomfortable around the waist. It looks a little agricultural but is 400% more comfortable now

  • Don’t get the one with high vis panels. They’re a weak point in the design, they let water in when the rest of the jacket is still keeping water out. I haven’t enjoyed having soggy forearms.

  • Thank you. Having spent that amount of money I want to be dry.

  • Shakedry now saying November release FYI

  • I was also struggling to work out all the differences, I have the winter jersey and it's too warm for anything above 6-8 degrees or so. Likewise was thinking about the Brevet insulated but also out of stock...

    So many jackets...

  • I wonder will there be a non-hood insulated version?

  • Talking about dead ends, am I alone in wanting the blazer back?

    Which blazer?

  • Shadow blazer I assume?

  • There was also the tailored jacket which is fairly old skool Rapha

  • I remember working in returns yonks ago and there was about £20k worth of those just lobbed on a top shelf.

  • Was that the one that had the same sleeve length for every size?

  • I actually can't remember but it's highly likely. * does the arm lengthening magic trick *

  • Just on the Rapha website and seen that there's a "been referred by a friend?" Link. Does that get the person who refers you a discount? If so does anyone fancy it? Shoot me a PM with your name and email address if you do! Will be ordering this afternoon or tomorrow.

  • Someone messaged me and referred me, which meant I got 10% off my first order and I believe they get 10% off their next one. Worth doing!

  • Already sold out it would seem;

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  • Have you tried Brewer St? I think its an in-store exclusive

  • Thanks. I bagged mine, luckily OH works just over the road :-)

    Do these things ever really sell for the crazy prices on eBay!?

  • Well done! Slim chance I'll get one at a reasonable price but what's the fit like compared to their other kit? Read mixed reviews...

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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