Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • In yet more random advice, I'd get a Carradice


    So much better than having a rucksack on.

  • Rapha going hard on questionable poo colourways for Autumn 2020?

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  • Dead boring IMO

  • I stopped looking at it years ago but even then there was a lot of purple but more mustard
    than brown.

  • Rapha? That's a Bristol stool chart isn't it?

  • .

  • This is obscene.

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  • i know, why wont he shave his chest?!

  • my chest looks like that btw, without a base layer

  • what's the deal with the core winter "jacket" ? from the pictures, it looks like a very heavy jersey. is it similar to a gabba ? a pro-team jacket ? or, is it actually just a very heavy/softshell-style jersey?

    wish they hadn't added the white arm band to the core jerseys

  • What kind of animal sits outside a cafe with their nipples on show??? I'm inspired to vom.

  • Having had the brevet insulated jacket for a week, and had one ride in it, I can already see it's a great bit of kit. Also good for post beach warmth on Islay this week, so winning generally.

  • Any views on the quality and warmth of the Core bib tights (£110) compared to Le Col entry level or La Passione entry level both of which are a little more but? I'm not looking for deep winter warmth as I have the padless winter tights for then...

  • I have a pair of core cargos that I've had for about 18 months and a pair of 'regular' core bibs that are about a year old. I had another pair prior to that, which were also about a year old when I tore them to shreds in a crash. Have had no quality issues with them at all and (as far as I'm aware...) they haven't gone see-through on the bum, which seems to be a common complaint.

    Warmth-wise, I would say they're on the warmer end of the spectrum of 'regular' bib shorts - they're relatively thick. Have worn them in <10c weather with leg warmers and my thighs and bum have survived.

    However, I did just get a pair of Castelli Free Aero Race 4 shorts on Wiggle for £100 and they are noticeably better than the Rapha ones, for less money.

    Edit: You asked about tights not shorts. Ignore half of what I said.

  • I'm not looking for deep winter warmth

    Leg warmers then? Cheaper, better fit, can be worn with regular bibs or winter bibs...

  • I want a pair of winter bibs with pockets and end up looking at the core winter cargo bibs. But have a hard time justifying the expense. What alternatives are there? I ideally want a pad for longer rides.

  • Brevet long-sleeve jersey and gilet in classifieds.

  • Is there a current equivalent to the old Pro Team Training Jacket?

  • I had the core bib for over a year now and they are becoming see through at the booty area. Pretty disappointed as my classic short at almost 5 years old and still going strong. I also have a pair of the la passione club bibs and they have been miles comfortable and not see through at all

  • So the sleeve of my classic rain jacket got caught in my wheel trying to take it off while looking all pro. Nearly costing me further functions of my reproductive bits. After swallowing pride and a mild heart attack, it would appear the sleeve is properly shredded.

    Is shake dry all the magic it claims to be?

    edit: fu, why does medium always appear out of stock? The Gore one is the same right?

  • You can pick up used old style ones on eBay. I got a burnt orange one in great condition for £30. As it all seems to be cargo and bib casual trends these days the road focused jackets seem to go fairly cheaply

  • Similarly, my Classic Rain Jacket is on its last legs - not really waterproof at all these days, despite attempting to reproof as a last hope of reviving it. Anyone know how the Core one stacks up? After a replacement before PennDURO next weekend ideally, as it's looking wet :|

  • My shake dry is favourite piece of kit at the moment. Only concern could be how durable it is longer term. It’s noticeable better than my old pro team rain jacket.
    If you can find a well priced Gore one I’d say go for it.

  • ^ Gore type codes are a minefield, will need to find a store that stocks the different types in the sizes I am after. good luck with that.

    Maybe I'll just stay inside when forecasts are grim.

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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