Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • Maybe ask on the RCC forum? When I get rid of my Rapha that I got for free I ask people to make a donation to charity x which is usually well received.

  • Didnt know there was one. Will go there.
    Good idea.

    Ah you dont mean a sub forum on here, you mean the actual rapha forum. Of which I am not a member.

  • you mean the actual rapha forum. Of which I am not a member.

    Your sort aren't welcome.

  • Rapha Soho closed temporarily

  • Manchester is closing early all week, which doesn't really make any sense, guessing it'll close for real soon.

  • Is this a Rapha-EF denim jacket I see...?

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  • Think that's just a denim jacket with EF on it.

  • Can vouch for this. Cycled there today enroute to the office. Closed!

  • the real question: cold brew or kombucha?

  • I lost my shadow cap on the weekend and I'm absolutely gutted. It was a gift and my favourite hat.
    If anyone has one they'd sell, I'm very interested

  • not now rapha there's a pandemic on

  • Just waiting for the Rapha plague-ride mask to drop in 3, 2, 1...

  • Yes, questionable timing to promote that product.

  • https://overcast.fm/+Y2jbQAKlM

    Rapha has been one of the most innovative, aspirational and disruptive businesses in cycling, and Simon Mottram is the mastermind behind the brand. Rapha began from a single concept: Mottram's feeling for road cycling, and how he wanted it portrayed.

    From a single jersey that wasn't even ready in time for the company launch, he built Rapha into the darling child of cycling brands. It inspired an entirely new market of 'micro apparel brands' and showed many others of the cycling industry the power of storytelling. Here's Mottram's story of how he started this remarkable business.

  • 25% off with SAVE25 at the mo... the world has stopped spending money it would seem

  • People must be keen to spend some money, as the site has crashed.

  • was my thought too...

  • This can protect from COVID-19 right?

  • Only if you wear it backwards

  • People will keep a distance from you so... yeah.

  • Proud owner.

  • Picked up some explore shoes. Unfashionable green but they were already down to £143 and another 25% off that.

  • I’ve just received some cargo bibs... tried them on, and they don’t have flatlock seams. Am I losing my mind? Surely it’s not too much to ask on a pair of bibs that retail at £2oo at full price... I own one other pair of bibs like this, which rarely get used as the seams are so damned uncomfortable over 30+ miles.

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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