Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • £6! Wow.

    The grey Rapha / Raeburn jeans are my every day beater jeans now. So comfy.

  • My friends in Bicester will be gutted. Only place to get a decent flat white.

  • "Neck cover length exact same as Mitch Docker’s mullet"


  • @spudger
    Your wife is already a legend (for putting up with your bike library)

    but respect is due

    Probably @Mikey5000 or @sasmon cast offs...

  • Core Winter jacket is in sale. Was thinking for the commute, but worried its only going to see a month of use before its too warm

  • There is always another winter coming when you can use it.

    Or at least there used to be.

  • Well that is true I guess!

  • Can such a cheap jacket be as good as a Gabba?

  • Thoughts on the new shoes?

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  • I thought soft material finishes were 2018 things. Unless that's just some kind of strange pattern?

  • Personally i do like the laces over the bow dial.

  • They look like sworks without the velcro strap at the toe to me. I like the silhouette but not a fan of the fabric uppers in cycling shoes

  • All white leather they’d be banging

  • Much nicer than their previous efforts.

  • I really liked the look of them but they wouldn't go past my thighs. Also remember them being quite rigid - has it taken the last 5 years for them to wear in?
    I got the "mechanic" jeans recently, like them but zero stretch takes some getting used to again.

  • look like something a teenager from Enfield would buy in Footlocker, with some dental floss tangled up in them.

  • the kind of shoes that, when people say "cyclists are wankers", you'd look at these shoes and think, 'yeah, probably.'

  • I mean, I know I'm not sartorial enough to be a Rapha target market but this is the image they inspire in me when I see them:

  • After a few washes my PT training jacket has well and truly given up the ghost when it comes to water beading off it. Will anything get that back? I've always washed it in tech wash and then TX.Direct so it's probably still doing its job, but the beading off of water is so fucking satisfying...

  • Varnish it.

  • No I have tried this with my PTJ. Must be some kind of industrial spray/application of the waterproofer they do in the factory because I don't think it can be replicated at home. After the first few washes you now just have a softshell on your hands. Enjoy living on the edge!

  • I thought as much. As long as it still works I don’t give too much of a shit, just curious to see if there’s anything that will perform better than my current solution

  • has it taken the last 5 years for them to wear in?

    Quite possibly, the Raeburn versions were UK made IIRC so different stuff to the OG jeans that yeah were quite stiff.

  • It is the same denim though, milled in Italy.

    The Raeburn versions were sewn together at Cooper & Stoll in Manchester.

  • Cool. Got any more of the grey ones hiding in a box somewhere? 30w /32l"?

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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