Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • Which jacket from Rapha would this replace: I have an older Gore-Tex Active jacket from Gore (Alp-X), which is a little bit bulky; MTB fit. Actually I like its fabric, good when its wet, not soo hot; but only good in fall / spring / winter – I have no idea about other fabrics which are good for -10 to +10 °C with different layers beneath.

  • If you’re not sat there in XS baby blue then I’m impressed, will monitor more closely. Ta

  • I find they hardly ever have M or L in the standard colours

  • Just get another Gore jacket made with the Active fabric. I’m very attached to mine too.

  • Looked at the Rapha sale, gave up due to the atrocious website. The user experience is so close to punching yourself in the face. I'll stick to The Discount Site Which Cannot Be Named and their Rapha kit if I feel the need for any more.

  • Medium in black, probably got lucky

  • Good to hear, I really like that fabric, it is always good until it gets too warm. Maybe I‘ll search for a more slim fit version.

  • bit dulwich dad

  • Looks like it could either be amazing or highly disappointing. @platypus could probably suggest something similar and proven.

  • I don’t think I’d want a half zip waterproof

  • I bought a few bits with a 40% discount code just before Christmas and I will be returning the shoes as they don't fit. If anyone wants a pair of Rapha Classic shoes, White 44.5 for £108 (£180-40%) then let me know. Otherwise I will return them when I'm back from Tenerife.

  • @platypus could probably suggest something similar and proven

    Half-zip jackets are a waste of time unless you are really in search of the ultimate lightness or wedded to the kangaroo pocket. Especially on a bike, being able to open the jacket all the way provides mechanical ventilation that is far superior to any breathability / fabric ventilation.

    If you want a good jacket for riding in, there’s another thread for that. If you are wedded to the kangaroo pocket, then you want a Montane Extreme Smock/Buffalo Jacket (cold, wet, hillwalking, weight no issue), a Patagonia jacket (style comes first) or a Montane/Inov8/Montbell ultralight piece (if you can’t carry a jacket over 150g). This Rapha one is good for precisely nothing at that price.

  • Exactly. I have a Gore Power Trail GT, cost me £65 2nd hand on eBay, in a rather fetching orange colour. I like the cut, perfectly slim for touring and commuting. Great hood too.

  • I'd have thought a Montane Extreme would be overkill for anything other than fatbiking in Canada (they're REALLY warm) but the new Montane Hydrogen Extreme is fantastic - similar design, but usable for more than one day a year in the UK. Breathes better than anything else and the temperature regulation is amazing.

  • similar design, but usable for more than one day a year in the UK. Breathes better than anything else and the temperature regulation is amazing.

    I've got one of the original Montane Extreme smocks and have used it with no base layer, just the smock, on Winter Munros in appalling conditions and it works brilliantly, however I think I'd die if I tried to cycle in it.

    Is the new version really that lightweight?!

  • Likewise, I've sat out a blizzard high up in the Lakes in just an Extreme over bare skin, but I almost never use it and the only reason I won't sell it is because it has stories attached to it. And it smells.

    I think the Hydrogen is about 500g or so, which makes it half the actual weight of the Extreme, but it really does breathe and regulate much better. I've yet to ride in the Montane, but I have a Rab Alpha Direct which is the same combination of materials - Alpha Direct with a thin Pertex shell over it - and I've ridden in that through a couple of winters now. No clammy feeling at all even when puffing uphill on the MTB maybe with the zip half open if you really need it, but keeps you warm and toasty on the descents. It's the only jacket I can just leave on all day over a base layer and never feel the need to mess with it - honestly a revelation.

  • Wow. I really rate the regular Extreme Smock for serious conditions. Must check this out

  • The Montane Outlet Store sometimes have them on discount - that's where I got mine. Check eBay/Facebook.

  • So I did read about different fabrics and jackets, there seems to be not so much available between softshells (mostly too hot for me), windbreakers (rain?) and rain jackets (winter?). I did find Schoeller C-Change fabric, which sounds interesting or similar to Gore Active membrane.

    Also wrong thread probably now.

  • What weather is it for? Try a polartec fleece. Wind pro, streachpro.
    Breathable, warm, warm when wet.
    Windpro hardface has a dwr coating.
    I wouldn't want to get them wet and be wet all day, but for an hour or 2 it's ok.

  • Thanks for that tips; looking through Polartec fabrics (I see neoshell). It would be for Fall / Winter / Spring riding with temperatures from -5 or really sometimes lower up to +10 ˚C. Just a jacket and different shirts or baselayers depending on the weather. An hour or two wet would be OK though!

  • I wanted to ask if anyone has/planning to buy the gore tex rain jacket.
    How is this working out for you? I already have an older rain jacket but have a tear in it.
    Was thinking of replacing it with a core rain jacket II which is £100.
    For xmas I was given a £100 voucher, so is it worth splashing out the extra £120 for the gore tex?

    Any views/pointers appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • Its very light, packable, 100% waterproof, very very breathable (Amazingly so). I gave most of the winter miles wearing it over a long sleeve jersey. Sizing wise its a race fit being very snug on the torso & with a little bit of room on the arms.
    Overall it really is an excellent jacket & definatly the new standard in light rain jackets.

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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