Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • Arm warmers or LS jersey or LS jersey and LS base layer.
    Well that's my current thinking anyway

  • They do look good if slightly designed for the fetish community. However I want a more relaxed, commutery fit like the softshell. That looks like it is either the hooded rain jacket or the winter one. The commuter doesn't have pockets so that is out.

  • I see Vulpine still do their Harrington

    Looks nice and is windproof and warm/breathable, but is basically the opposite of waterproof. If you're a medium you can buy mine.

  • Lol, good to know!

    The Rapha City Jacket in fig remains the pinnacle of commuter jackets, it would seem.

  • I've got the commuter jacket in the trademark pink and can confirm it has pockets in the sides.

  • A rain jacket is not a soft shell.

  • Do they still do it? Is that the commuter jacket?

    Leaning towards the hooded rain jacket

    Edit: on closer inspection it doesn't seem to have external pockets. The prevaricating goes on.

  • Yeah they stopped it, and it became the hooded rain jacket, I think.

  • I had the first generation Hooded Rain Jacket, and while it looks great, it didn't perform well. The hood was designed for helmet clearance, and the cords didn't hold it tight without - they just slipped every few minutes. Also there was no rigid brim, so it just dripped on my forehead in anything other than light rain.

    It's a GoreTex Paclite type material - which isn't very durable.

    I don't know if any of this got fixed in the second generation, but I switched to a Patagonia Torrentshell for commuting (after trying and returning the Commuter jacket). Not as breathable, but 1/3 of the price and probably will last longer.

    Still love my Softshell though, but only gets a few outings a year when it's cold enough.

  • Has anyone ever cut a pro team race cape at the point on the arm?
    Was it as terrible as I’d imagine?

  • Yes. I wouldn't say it's terrible, but if packability is your concern (it was mine) you'd be better off with the Rain Gilet ot a Shakedry jacket anyway.

  • I’ve ordered a shake dry.
    Just debating best course of action with the race cape. Probably just repair the rip and keep it for times when the shake dry might be a bit fragile.

  • Anyone from Rapha customer services who can help me with expired gift card, went to store today, can't use credit :..(

  • Still love my Softshell though, but only gets a few outings a year when it's cold enough.

    The Softshell is such a great, iconic jacket. I hope at some point Rapha do a re-issue, would love to have a spanky new one.

    I am leaning away from Rapha, don't seem to have the jecket that fits my requirements and don't want to spend the money in that case.

  • The Classic Winter Jacket is the evolution of the Classic Softshell, improved to match the weatherproofing of the old Hardshell. I very much doubt Rapha will bother to reproduce the Classic Softshell, there's no reason to. It was a great jacket, but its replacement is better still.

  • Aren't expired gift cards illegal?

  • The t-Rex brotherhood speaks!

  • The lightweight has just arrived.
    Seems pretty good!

  • Sweet. Let us know how you get on with it

  • Well their discretion innit.

  • I think the cards themselves can expire but your actual credit must last 5 years and replacement cards be issued if needs be.

  • Doesn't as look as good though imo

  • The insulated shakedry looks greart apart from the hood.... What are the chances of it being available with no / detachable hood I wonder...

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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