Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • I’m going back to my 10 years old rapha clobber- all black.
    Not particularly visible but very stealth and not 60/70s inspired at all. Some of that tie die stuff looks like an accident happened in the washing machine....

  • It’s one collection, there’s still black stuff available :)

  • I returned a pair of socks (for refund) and also a pair of bib shorts (for repair) to Rapha last week. Should of been received on Monday. I’ve had no contact from Rapha.

    Is this normal? Seems kind of slow.

  • It’s just after the sale, returns are always super slow at this time of the year. I returned something to them just over two weeks ago and got an acknowledgement yesterday.

  • Very true,
    i remember when a lot of the early stuff came out - i saw a guy at an airport (i think this was in Singapore) who had one of the original softshells and wondered what it was / who made it.
    Rapha got a bit of grief from helmet / road safey lobbyists / team kit wearing cyclists about the all black thing but it looks great.
    I still have my Swift Jersey and lanterne rouge cap that i got for coming "heroically" (more like fat and unfit) last on a ride from Manchester to chesterfield finishing with an Italian meal that i missed....
    I think the bright coloured stuff / brevet is excellent but tie dye.. (not for me)

  • I have a trip coming up at the end of the month to the French alps, the idea of an insulated gilet/jacket is starting to seem like a good idea (or will normal layering do the job?)

  • Unfortunately had to return my slim fit Loopback Trousers: too small, recommendation to order smaller wasn't good (me wearing normally 30 and ordered 28 width). But it is so comfortable! Maybe a little bit too warm for me, now, better in winter probably. Also looks like a mixture of a business suite trouser and mountain one. Maybe I'll get the tapered fit modell in correct size.

  • My favourite pair of trousers. Just so comfy. Definitely order the correct size though, they don’t come up bigger or smaller.

  • I got caught in a snowstorm in July in a valley coming down the galibier so I’d definitely go safe and take something waterproof with you. Wasn’t forecast, it’s just one of those mad things.

  • It depends how early (or late) you are heading out. It can be very, very cold at altitude in the Alps in September, especially first thing.

  • I have a rain jacket but I'm starting to think it may be worth upgrading to an insulated jacket or mayb an insulated gillet to go under it for a bit of extra warmth (excuse to buy more crap)

  • I'm sure that the first few days will be full of bravado and early starts.... we will see how long we can keep it up

  • What is the translation to 30 (long) or (regular) to trouser length? 34? 32?

  • I’m pretty sure regular is 30 and long 32

  • 30 is short, 32 reg etc

  • Thanks for info, long is long then, and so too long.

  • I prefer mine rolled anyway but still wear regular and I’m 6ft 1

  • I live in my loopbacks, had them for 2+ years now

  • Ordered in the end the correct fit at Rapha instead of the long but super cheap one at bike24. I think €35 for a 30 long tapered fit there!

  • 3 peaks special jerseys next in the sale .

  • Argh, OK, it should take it's time, but they're pretty slow right now. Funny is that I ordered the wrong size of Loopbacks supercheap at bike24, wanted to cancel maybe some hours later on Sunday, but they sent it and it was here today. Rapha didn't even sent their order out meanwhile.

  • Will the Shake Dry(s) be similar priced or more than the current shake dry range!?
    First product I’m genuinely excited for in a while.

  • came here to ask the same... their pricing has been kinda inconsistent recently (e.g. bikepacking bags actually cheaper than apidura, their classic shoes cheaper than giro empires)

  • You'd rather it be more expensive?

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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