Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • I had a pair of the lines arm screens. Note the past tense, I dropped one somewhere...
    Any idea where I can get a new pair?

  • Looking for a new winter jacket. Core and Classic Winter Jacket are both on sale. Is the Classic Jacket worth the extra £100?

  • I would try and try them on. I find that to get the snugness I want in the core range I end up with a jacket that’s a bit short at the back.

  • Good to know, i didn't even consider their different fit..

  • Core and Classic are the same fit

  • Ordered some Canyon/SRAM core bibs, which I assume are the womens ones, but they don't say "womens" unlike every single other pair of womens shorts. The mens Canyon/SRAM ones say "mens" but I have a sneaky feeling I am going to end up with mens. FFS.

  • Nothing appears to be the same fit.

  • The SKU is different so you won’t end up with the men’s version :)

  • Dude SKU is not the preferred nomenclature. Item, please.

  • I have the core winter jacket for commuting, I like it

  • Anyone got the Lightweight shadow jacket and care to share their experiences?

  • Are sales now monthly?

  • Picked one up recently and it's been pretty great

    Should be noted it's not a hardshell, it will eventually let water in.

    With that in mind however I've not been in any torrential downpours yet wearing it but it's held up exceptionally well in the rain I have been in. It's great as a wind jacket, or an extra light layer when it's nippy that packs down extremely well when it warms up. Honestly just a great all rounder with an exceptional fit (trimmer than equivilent gore ones imo) and a rather smart look with tasteful reflective bits.

    Only downside is the rather steep price, but comparable for the jackets in its price range.

  • Cheers that’s good info. I grabbed one in the sale thinking it’d do for some rain (but not proper rain). I maybe should have gotten the pro race cape for use in actual rain as I have the flyweight wind jacket for the rest.

  • I had a race cape but if you were looking for a packable waterproof I’d go gore shake dry now.

    I sold my race cape last winter and got a shake dry in the sale and have used it far more, it’s lighter, packs smaller and just as waterproof

  • Thank you, those shake dries are light

  • Spitalfields store closed until 21st apparently. Anyone know why?

  • Why do Rapha have to use myhermes for delivery.

    Myhermes claim the driver attempted delivery at 12:19. I was at home, no knock at the door or card put through the box.

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  • It genuinely puts me off ordering from them. I’m sure there used to be different postage options including next day and Saturday delivery, but I only ever get the Hermes option. It’s an impossibility to decide on a Wednesday morning that you’re going for a blast at the weekend, and order something from Rapha to be there in time. Not really acceptable in 2019.

    With the amount of orders they must ship and the value of the shipments, surely they can get decent rates with someone like UPS or DPD to offer next day either free or <£4.

  • It’s an impossibility to decide on a Wednesday morning that you’re going for a blast at the weekend, and order something from Rapha to be there in time. Not really acceptable in 2019.

    I think I've just witnessed the birth of a forum classic

  • Sorry, maybe it's just me that thinks placing an online order on the Wednesday and not receiving it until the Monday is taking the piss a bit?

    There was literally no option to have a next day delivery, or upgrade from Hermes 3-5 working day delivery in any way, shape or form, even if spending over £1000. Do you think that is acceptable for an online retailer these days?

  • I'd just get it ordered into the shop to be honest.

    But I found humour in the the scenario you put forward of planning a ride 3 days ahead, then ordering specific clothing accordingly.

  • I call bullshit - rapha.cc/gb/en/shipping

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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