Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • They need to get with the times

  • @fox - welcome to the good life, where collars don't stretch, t shirts retain their shape, where fabrics and the garments are made in sustainable factories, where they last for years upon years upon years, get softer and more comfortable with every wear etc etc etc.

    Not saying that's true for the technical t shirt, merely expensive t shirts in general. I have 5 'core' t shirts that were all close to a hundred quid, but I've had them all for years and they fit exactly the same as they did when I got them. The same cannot be said for the other t shirts I have.

  • Order over £100 worth of kit send the rest back and bask in the warm afterglow of knowing 'they' paid the postage on your tit for tat.

  • Can we just take a second to appreciate the thread page number please.

  • Haxorzzzzz

  • The standard tech t's look much nicer, wide colour range and you won't regret it in a couple of weeks.

    I just want a supporter t shirt! Turns out there is one but it's really boring and nothing like the kit.

  • I'm about to go back into the public sector so the good life of £100 t shirts won't be for me!

    I am trying to not do the fast fashion thing though and have been for a while so I'm into the principle.

  • If anyone is waiting on a Rapha order, give them a call. They just chucked me a £25 voucher as I've been waiting 9 days for delivery and it's still not been sent. (Didn't ask for owt, just gave my order number etc, and he saw that it was quite late)

  • dibs bronze taps

  • my partner has a couple of old pairs of core bibs (one wiggins branded, the other is canyon sram i think)

    they're starting to go a bit see-through on the bit above the arse, but apart from that he finds them really comfy. does anyone have any experience of the longevity of the newer core bibs?

  • I have literally the exact same thing on my core ones which is a shame as one of the most comfy pair of bibs I've ever had.

  • I had this with some early core bibs, spoke with customer service and they sorted a voucher for a replacement pair. Replacement pair have already outlasted the first ones and still look fine.

  • i also contacted customer service when a pair i use did the same, they gave me a voucher for new ones

  • iirc @6pt used to get this, turned out it was from standing over top tube at traffic lights and having the tip of the saddle rub against the back of the bibshorts

  • They told me it was a known issue with the fabric on early core shorts, gave me a £100 voucher code to replace

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    • 2019-07-12 11_56_12-Re_ Core Bibs - chris.pinches@network.rca.ac.uk - Royal College of Art Mail.png
  • Anyone got some arenberg glasses they dont want? Cant see any online and want to try them.

  • I have a pair of Classic bib shorts which have lost all elasticity in the shoulder straps. Also the stitching for the pad has started to come undone.

    Are either of these things Rapha will repair?

  • Is there a good reason to not save money and get the core cargo bibs rather than the mo money ones?

  • The pads are different....
    I was umming and ahhing I went for the more expensive ones, due to TCR, but at almost 2 for 1 I’m not 100% convinced it was the right call

  • Thanks, that is what I had suspected.

    I got a £30 voucher when my festive 500 roundel went missing.

    I'll have a bit of a think about which ones to get (and save £30)

  • Other than the padding it's not that much of a difference. It also seems that mo money bibs are made in Italy and core stuff is made in China but comfort wise I didn't feel any difference. Core cargo bibs are my favourite ones at the moment, those pockets are so useful.

  • The stitching came undone on my Brevet bibs, I sent a photo of them and they said it couldn't be repaired so gave me a voucher for a replacement.

    Now the stitching is coming undone on my Core bibs too...

  • Thanks. I’ve sent Rapha an email.

  • I’ve got some a rapha flyweight jersey that’s had some crash damage on the shoulder and also the silicon strips on the straps have detached themselves.

    Any reason I wouldn’t be able to send them in for repair?

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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