Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • maybe they are sold out 🤷🏽♂️

    but this shows how powerful @edscoble is

  • Bag has been taken off the shelves due to 'technical issue', will return once solved. They will not say what this technical issue is. Bought one on Sat, but will now be returning it ASAP.

  • I think I have a fucking good ideas what issues they’re talking about.

  • 👆🏽raw power 👆🏽

  • Me too, but I doubt they will admit it. They say it's not a recall though.

  • The strap are so slick, that it doesn’t stay put no matter how much you have tweak and tighten it, it end up getting loose and end up rubbing on the tyres.

    I couldn’t heard it, just felt it which is why it end up wearing through the layer.

    Cut off terrible strap, fitted toe strap on for the time being, no more readjusting anymore.

    Still waiting to hear from Rapha tho, it’s annoying as I like this little kit (unless your bike is XS/slammed stem).

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  • I think you have grounds for a return considering if they have taken it off the shelves. See what they come back with. Get your money back!

  • I got blocked by Treasure4u2sell because I returned an item that was the wrong colour to what they sold it as. I did get a refund but cannot buy anything from them now. Very odd.

  • ping this thread when the problematized version shows up for 75% off on ebay

  • Just as an FYI; I have been offered a refund on the return of the bag, along with confirmation that the bag has been pulled from sale. 🤷♂️

  • had you used it?

  • do I get a Pultizer for breaking this story?

  • I have used it twice, but only for commuting. So I would say…barely. Mine seemed to stop to a point then stay. So hang rather than stay taught.

  • If you make it, and present it to yourself…sure! 🏆

  • I've only used mine once. I quite like it, I'd rather they just gave new straps. I haven't tried @Crumbs idea of twisting the clip around

  • Anyone that's been using the explore shoes for a bit of time have a review? Thinking of purchasing for the commute/occasional foray into gravel RADness

  • I have tried the turning of the clip. I haven't noticed much difference, just harder to tighten on the fly – but the caveat being that I made the modification last night after a couple of wines…so I can't say 100% that I followed the instructions.

    I quite like mine too. Admittedly it's only the second bag I've owned – the first being a dry bag & holster from Restrap – but if it wasn't for the micro-storm around these straps I probably wouldn't have paid much notice to the straps loosening. Like I said; mine only loosen to a point.

  • Rapha bar bag seems way overpriced considering the North Face equivalent is £15-20, is bombproof, holds nearly twice as much, has more mounting points than you can shake a sick at and comes in a bunch of colours if that’s your thing.

    Bought a TNF wash bag as a result of this post. Was delighted to discover yesterday that its is the perfect size for carrying my Carradice Duck's Back cape, which thankfully saved me from a soaking.

  • honestly i really enjoyed this - thought it was excellent.

  • yes - been using them for road and gravel rides. Longest day was 150km of road/gravel. Like them a lot so far. Quite comfy for riding and walking.

  • Got any pictures of how you're mounting it and what hardware you're using? (also @ThePeginator )

  • Haven't mounted it yet, as yesterday I just chucked it in my pannier.

    This morning I ordered some re-useable cable ties from Amazon, which should arrive tomorrow.

    Will post pic when done.

  • Yep. Very happy. Comfortable for commutes, couple of gravel rides and a few days at swinley.

  • £30 Supreme X Castelli cycling caps "dropping" tomorrow

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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