Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • You can read a thread without responding.
    Oh. Wait.

  • Also, if the wind-chill is into the minus figures neoprene is literally the worst thing on the planet, as it gets wet and starts freezing on your hands...

    I had a very "character building" ride last where I had to decide between no gloves and neoprene... I spent half the ride with one hand or the other inside my jersey under my arm trying to alternately warm my hands up!

  • I used to ride with someone who never wore gloves in the winter. He reckoned the first hour was the worst, then the body realised it needed to save his fingers and would send more blood to his hands to warm them up. Mentalist.

    This was in Scotland btw.

  • Anyone any idea on which of the Grangers products is the rapha shoe cream?

  • Like the elderly gent in my club who insists you should train without a bidon.

    “Train yourself not to need drink”


  • Or hold your breath for the whole ride, and train yourself not to need oxygen. Win.

  • DIY altitude training.

  • To be fair this is what they teach you at Sandhurst too.

  • Oh yeyahh...

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  • rapha sale now on sportpursuit!

  • Any white climbers in 46?

  • PT sock bundle has disappeared. Unless I’m missing summat?

  • What is it you like about them?
    Do they have a carbon sole?

  • essentially giro top tier, so prolight, slx etc, but different upper. simple comfy shoes, with no fuss velcro (nothing to break). ec90 carbon sole.
    shoes are a very personal thing, giros do work for me so gone back to them, via rapha. lake were nice but too stiff. not much else fits right. apart from my old shimano r120 they were super comfy, but fell apart, and they seem to have altered their last a bit as new ones aren't the same.

  • Cool. I have only ever had one pair, Bontrager, which are very old and their range seems crap now: I really like them but they are only held together by super glue now, so time for something new.

  • Yeah bontrager make some good shoes. Best is to go to a decent sized shop and try a few bands on and see. Then buy the best fitting ones that you like the look of. And be wary of buying ones that 'just' or you think fit, as your feet swell and no doubt they will actually be too small. Bit of space in the toes is a good thing, as long as it closes up over the arch well and doesn't slip on heal, then all good.

  • Any recommendations for shops?
    I’m normally resigned to the net as have size 12-13

  • Order from somewhere with free returns, on a credit card.
    Or the usual sigma, cycle fit, condor? Rapha... etc.

  • Don’t they give you these?

  • I’ve got some black ones. But was going to get a white pair if they’re cheap somewhere. To go with the other dozen cycling shoes I have.

  • A shoe for every occasion.

  • Always good to have a white 'summer' pair.

  • Rode the cargo bib shorts this long weekend on several routes, there’s also a review on road.cc now (with two alternatives). Got a medium being about 175cm and 68-70kg, which is for my legs a rather tight fit, different coming from Gore bike shorts, all of them I have are more ‚loose‘. On the shoulders very comfortable, made in Italy, great.

    Pockets are the reason to get them, so I rode on my usual hills, 20-25°C and sunny, and carrying on the right the phone (now all the time accessible maps) and on the left 2 x 5 Euros for beer or wine (not spent). The phone gets wet a little bit or condensation is happening - the Euros were soft sweaty wet.

    Sometimes I put the phone on the back pockets of the shirt, and later on I searched for it in the bib leg bags. So muscle memory worked already. I can imagine the pockets are great for gloves and other cold season things. Also for short stashing things when coming home or going out, and later move on to the back pockets.

    It is a gimmick, jersey back pockets have still my vote, but on the other hand using a jacket, rucksack, those bib bags may come in more use.

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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