Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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  • Good to hear. I'll go and have a proper look in the shop but with the last gen. XS I find the padding a little intrusive. Used my old Assos today and whilst I prefer the Rapha cut & materials the Assos chamois is so much more comfortable.

  • Eugh. How are you making a bag smell? Do you wash and use deodorant?

  • Just used the thank you 2017 25% to get the Simpson biography.

  • I've never had a smelly bag. Always used an Oakley Toolbox and it's awesome and smell-free. I want something smaller with a laptop sleeve. Tried one commute with my work issue Belkin laptop backpack and when I got home, the foam panel that sits on my back was dripping with sweat (was completely unaware of a sweaty back when riding). It didn't smell, but I thought if I did that daily, and it's made from polyester like cheap jerseys and jackets, it'll start to smell pretty quickly. Maybe it wouldn't.

  • Anyone tried Rapha jeans or those fancy trousers for all day everyday use? Rando shorts are the best all round shorts I ever had so wondering if there's something similar in terms of fit/quality etc. but in full length.
    After 4 years my Levis commuter 511 are in dire need of replacing, unfortunately new ones are nothing like it so Rapha seems like an obvious choice to get something that will last me another good few years.

  • Trousers? Things that continue down further than above the knee?
    I don't see the point.

  • The jeans are very good.

  • I'd love some Rapha strides, but they only come in stumpy dwarf lengths :(

    Backpack turned up. I'm impressed, I think it'll be perfect for my day to day. At first glance it seemed tiny, but actually is all I need, and there's the expanding shoe compartment when I need more space. I just wish there was some way to better get the waist strap out of the way for use off the bike. And that it was the black/white, rather than Chilli version.

  • I'm 6'5" and I'm ok with the old jeans in long; I think their 34" inseam is slightly longer in reality. Haven't tried any of the other trousers.

  • I've had cotton trousers, smart looking and extremely comfortable (really), wore them day in and day out for 8 months or so and now they're worn on the butt and a hole is appearing.

    Have you had a look at Swrve for jeans? Went to them for replacement, really happy so far.

  • Randonee trousers launching in September. *taps nose

  • There is a gap behind the bottom rectangle of back padding with openings either side that you can feed the waist strap into to tuck it out of the way.

  • Superb! Thank you.

    I'd just sort of stuffed it into the rain cover pocket. I really am impressed with this thing.

  • Any way discount codes can be used in store at all?

  • I think most of them can be. Otherwise just PM @andyp for a code.

  • The current 25% off code can be yes.

  • Here you go:

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  • Anyone tried Rapha jeans

    They are good.

  • Thanks all. Do you need the email as proof? Or do you just whisper it under your breath?

  • You have to ask them for a cortado and wink at the same time whilst brushing the top of their hand with your index finger.
    Alternatively just say you deleted the email, or save the image above and put it on your phone and pretend it's your phone screen. Ha.

  • I did the first thing and I came away with a restraining order :(
    And a core jersey + bibs for a tidy £105.

  • I'd entirely forgotten about that. I rode in with mine today thinking it's a bit weird that a cycling rucksack doesn't have a waist or sternum strap.

  • @andyp is asm AICMFP

    Back when I first got on here I think I emailed ASM about obtaining a cheap 'spok for me. H must have been thrilled with that.

  • no bullhorns please

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Rapha, nice but a bit pricey?

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