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  • Thanks for the help...

  • Phew, don't worry guys, he has the frame and forks!

    Thank fuck for that, here's me thinking he's going to put the wheels on his feet and hand to complete the minimalised/uncomfortable look.

  • what a strange thread

  • wow old thread.

    Can anyone recommend a campsite in Surrey, ideally around Farnham way? And not Mellow Farm Adventure, ace as that looks, because it's fully booked the night I need it.

    I found a good one just in case this is useful for anyone. (Well, the showers could've been better but it's attached to a very nice pub and it's in a very nice location. Would be great for a weekend camping excursion from London.)

  • Technical query? What gi would that be? Anyone able to assist?

  • If I was affluent, I would have this in my life:

  • Er, I've got a tent you could borrow but not a sheep..

  • Big risk of a randy welsh man charging into that.

  • 2 tents, why am i not surprised to see you here?

  • Big risk of a randy welsh man raming into that.


  • 2 tents, why am i not surprised to see you here?

    Came here expecting ruffled shirts not canvas though.

  • Anyone know of any good legit camping sites out west of London?

    I wanna test my sleeping kit and rather than pitch up outside my flat or something shit like that, I thought it'd be novel to take the gf and my 1-man tent and both of us camp somewhere and make a little sightseeing trip out of it. Then if my gear's too cold or it's pissing down or whatever I can sneak in to the tent.

  • Unfortunately looks to be closed for refurbishment, but it is out west, you can camp in the garden and it's the oddest pub I've been to in ages.
    Highly recommended.

  • Says 'closed during Feb'.

    It's March now so assuming they had Polish builders doing the work, it will have been finished weeks ago.

    Thanks for the tip btw, looks cool :)

  • Along the Thames at Laleham maybe?

  • Closer option, yeah could work.­ion=prices

    Love the idea of the crop circle place though :)

  • "Thank you for your enquiry.

    We are currently having a management change over so will not have full camping info until after Easter, inc online booking. (see website & FB).

    All being well,this season, the site will be open end of April (currently too wet) with bell tents, bring your own tents and new toilet/shower facilities."

  • Ah well. I hope the new management don't ruin it.
    I definitely aim to get down there this year. The place may be cursed though, the last time I tried to get there, the clutch on my bike broke.

  • Thinking of going camping this weekend after work as the weather is good. We don't want to drive anywhere too far out of London (we're in SW), like 2.5/3 hours max - does anyone have any recommendations of decent sites? Ideally not too crowded and/or pricey. We'll be bringing car and small tent. If we can make fire, that is also a bonus!


  • Bit late now maybe but had a great time camping in Alfriston last summer. Posh town but down to earth campsite with fire pits and firewood for sale. Also good walking/cycling as its on the South Downs Way. People there were super friendly - our tent got blown away on the hike there (luckily cheap argos one), and on arrival to the campsite we had heaps offering to let us sleep in their cars. In the end a hen party happened to have some spare tents saving us from a night under the elements.

    On a related note now that its summer, would anyone be keen on doing some "Sub 24 hour" bike-packing/camping trips? Preferably mostly gravel/off-road? Leaving London on the friday/saturday and returning the next day?

  • There's a canp site West of Hampton Court.

  • has anybody bought any of the cheap cook set from aliexpress or similar?

  • Looking for Campsites in Fowey/Polerro/Looe area of Cornwall, any recommendation? I was told about a hippie campsite near Looe, can't remember who told me, nor the name..

  • Last-minute trek along the South Downs Way this weekend, to avoid spending heaps of cash on booze over a bank holiday. Hope the weather is kind and this cold clears before Saturday.

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