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  • Anyone want to buy a family tent?

    We are selling our Vango Iris 500, and upgrading.
    One of these lads


  • We just did the Dulwich Woods "camping" which was great, little one enjoyed it and so we'll be in the market for a tent at some point as she is keen to go again
    @WjPrince will PM you as might be interested

  • My niece has started going camping and outdoors stuff. I was thinking of a Swiss Army knife or fancy spork as a birthday present but she has both.

    Happy campers of lfgss, are there any other must have camping gadgets that spring to mind?

    Am thinking possibly a head torch

  • How about a firesteel?

  • A good headtorch would be an excellent camping gift. Having just received one myself! Petzl Reaktik, it dims or brightens according to what you're looking at.

  • Crap Pic alert.

    New tent is new. Dead easy to put up. Very Windy here but it has survived 2hrs so far so should make it through the night?

    Very roomy. Smells of new.

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  • Looking for recommendations on 2 ring camping stoves.

    I’ve recently moved into a house where we’ll be renovating the kitchen soonish we have an ancient electric hob at the moment and one of the rings has just stopped working so I’m thinking it might be a good opportunity to invest in something for when I can eventually go camping with a car so it could be something that I have to buy a larger external gas canister for.

  • Anyone know why these campsites are closed until April 2021 when it seems most stuff is opening up to camping this month?

  • Tent Camping needs access to communal loo & showers etc, which is a no-no covid thing. Other Campsites I looked at are taking caravans/campers with their own loo etc but not tents.


  • I don't get it, pubs can open and public toilets in parks are open but campsites not? Do they think tent campers are more risky than other humanoids?

  • Quite a few sites are accepting campers without their own toilets IME.
    We're going to WoWo next month and Eweleaze is fully open (although also pretty much fully booked as of today)

  • Not much use if the campsite I'm looking at is shut for another year. :S

  • We are off here with tent (and without our own personal toilet) -­w/Home.html and here -­e/facilities/ in the next couple of weeks

  • I'm going to need to find a bivvy spot in the Chilterns aren't I?

  • We camped last weekend (4th) at a site with communal facilities. They were very on top of (read essentially constant) cleaning etc though. Perhaps depends on scale/staffing?

  • But what are they cleaning if all the people they let in have their own loos? Just the showers? They're literally self-cleaning. I don't get it.

  • sorry - said facilities included communal toilets which were in use.

  • Looks like we might've got somewhere legal 10k down the road:­ping/

  • Has anyone got any tent recommendations to comfortably sleep 2 adults and 2 young children for our first foray into family camping? Seems like the options are either a 15-20kg behemoth to get 2 separate sleeping areas, or something like this tipi style which is lighter and simpler to set up..

  • That Robens will be great.
    We have 2x tents: a 5m canvas bell tent and a smaller poly tipi style tent like the Robens but much cheaper.
    The smaller one is fine for 2x adults and 2x kids (9&7) for short trips of 2-3 days max.
    The bell tent is great for longer trips.
    We can fit loads of clothes and equipment in the bell tent but you can’t get much in the tipi ones and may need a pup tent for other stuff. But YMMV
    And we’ve used them since the kids were young.
    We did have a Decathlon pop up style tent with separate sleeping areas but for us sleeping in one big area works best.

  • My parents put me and my brother sideways (on the inside!) across the door of their Force 10; my Dad said we were the insect trap.

  • Ha ha, cheers for the tips. I'm reading this and the lightweight tent thread, maybe a couple of tarps is the way to go. The kids would love it, my wife less so

  • Quick plug for Hamperley site, Long Mynd. Good mix of natural, informal + new loo/shower. Here now, quietish and rain not arrived yet.

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  • Hamperley site, Long Mynd
    "open fires are NOT permitted on the campfield"

    Looks lovely... but, fails on essential criteria!

    We just came back from Farrs Meadow in Dorset.
    3 min walk from river swimming. Lucious.

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