• Always measure if possible. I have a few videos on how measure the rim ERD and hub specs.http://yogarup.com/wheels/measuring_vide­os.php

  • Cheers Arup. I measured and consistently got 604 across the four rims I'm using (wheels for me and a friend). The hub dimensions I was using taken from various websites also match up with the actual hubs I've got. Plugging this through your calculator gave me very close to 292 front and rear, so I've gone with that for my order. I've built a few sets of wheels in the past but have always found consistent data online. Hopefully I've got it right and can build them up this weekend! Thanks again, Tom

  • Phil wood HF front to Velocity deep V 32h laced 3x, anyone?

  • Anybody happen to know spoke length for a Miche Pistard WR rear?

  • .

  • Stick/spoke interface resulted in a broken one on my specialized sequoia....hayfield wheels. Anyone know what size I need? They are the same front/back drive side/non-drive side, but I can't find what that is!

  • Im lending a wheel to a mate as he tries to get a spoke replaced in his Shimano RS11, he has been told by 4 different shops that they can't get the required spoke. It is drive side and straight pull off a very common wheel it seems nuts that we can't get ahold of one, anyone know where we can source one?

  • Just had a catastrophic front wheel rim failure, very painful. Building up a new wheel and wondered if anyone knew the spoke length I need for a H Plus Son Archetype 32 laced to a high flange Gran Compe? Does not seem to be on the db.

  • Quick Google search said SJS cycles and eBay

  • Bumping this as I need to confirm spoke calc.

    Used this https://www.prowheelbuilder.com/spokelen­gthcalculator

    Give me left spoke 279
    right spoke 280.3

    Hubs is a Phil wood Disc hub, 3 X, 32h, Velocity Deep V, do they values seem right?

  • Do you already have the parts and able to measure them yourself? I think it's better to do this rather than go by the hub and rim specs in their database. The Deep-V erd value is 581mm in this calculator but the last time I measured one it was more like 582/583mm. This would add 1mm to your spoke length. It's close to what my own spoke length calculator gives me though.

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Spoke Size / Spoke Length Database - What size spokes do I need?

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