Spoke Size / Spoke Length Database - What size spokes do I need?

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  • Hi All,
    Just joined this site after a few weeks admiring it!
    I am having problems calculating spoke length. I know there has been a few threads about this already, but I looked and still could not work it out!! I want to buy all the bits together rather than buy the hubs and rims and then measure (and therefore f**k it up).
    I am probably going to lace, front and rear - a Mavic cxp-33 to a Miche primato hub (maybe goldtec).
    I would be gratefull for any help.

  • find out the erd (effective rim dimamiter, this is not 622 it is slighly less as it is where the nipple sits) the oln (over locknut distance) the flange dimiter and the flange to lock nut distance, goolge should be able to help you out for each of these, if not email where ever you are buying from and ask.

    I then use http://www.recumbents.com/wisil/spokes!.­asp there is also a exel with amny common hubs and rims with all the legths alread worked out that you can download see how you get on and come back to us.

  • Google for spocalc.xls - it is a spoke length calculator and it has a large database of rim and hub dimensions in there. If you're lucky the rims / hubs you want will be there already and save you having to measure.

  • here you go:

    spoke calculator database

    and as always:

    Sheldon Brown

  • im building me a new set of wheels, and im hooking high flange phils to deep vs what would i need for a 3 leed 3 tail pattern?

    also it would be my first 3 lead 3 tail so any tips?

  • i've only built on a small flange hub to thin rim and the normal 3-x spokes were too long in the middle so i had to add a twist. supposedly you use a 3-x spoke, so would be 280-2mm depending if single or double-sided. anyone else?!?

  • specs from phil website and using dt swiss spoke calc give
    front 32h/3x: 281mm (using 12mm nips)
    rear (double fixed 120mm) 32h/3x: 280mm (12mm nips)

    try 278 rear, 279 front?
    i think for 3l/3t you want 1 or 2mm shorter for the spokes since they are straighter and don't cross as much? getting shorter spokes is better than too long anyway, you can just get longer nipples if you need to.

  • If you weave the spokes it's a normal 3x length, if not then yea a bit shorter.

  • woohoo, i was right?!?

  • saw your twisty one yesterday, much neater than mine :(

  • Was it still straight? ;)

  • trampsparadise Was it still straight? ;)

    it stayed locked to the fence

  • If you lace all the spokes (not just the outer one of each set), then 3 cross length is spot on.

    I wanted to make sure the spokes weren't going to move once the wheel was built so did lots spoke manipulation during the final truing. My thumbs hurt for days afterwards!
    It seemed to take longer to get in true than either normal 3 cross or crows foot. But, be patient - it's worth it.

    So far 3 months on this wheel and it's still as true as when it was built, and thats after hitting a few potholes and debris.

  • Hi, i realise this is probably going to make me sound like a completely trout but i am trying to figure out the spoke lengths for a wheel im getting built using the DT calculator but i am stuck at the field that say "number of intersections". now i'm planning 3 cross on a 32h rim, but have absolutely no experience with wheelbuilding so not sure how many intersections that involves... any help much appreciated..

  • I'm guessing that means number of crosses, but it's only a guess as I haven't used that spoke length calculator much. I use the Damon Rinard excel spreadsheet one and the lengths are always spot on. If you post the various specs such as flange diameter and in particular the ERD then I could put it through that spreadsheet and give you the required length.

  • yeehh intersection is cross..

  • that would be brilliant, it's a cxp 33 rim, 599 dia, 14 mm deep (according to dt),
    Miche track hub,59mm pitch circle dia, 45mm flange distance,
    does that help?

  • One more thing required and that's the number of holes. But I can give you 2 lengths based on 32 or 36 holes. The last time I measured up Miche Primato Large Flange track hubs I made a note of the specs. Flange diameter was 60mm, Centre to flange was 37mm and hole diameter was 2.5 for the rear hub. And my own measurement of CXP33 was indeed 599mm. So, for 3-cross:

    32-hole: 290.5mm which I would round down to 290mm
    36-hole: 286.8mm which I would round up to 287mm

  • thanks alot! it's a 32h, thanks for saving my butt from getting wrong length spokes and having to go back and look like a pillock asking for other ones...

  • Hello
    I am trying to calculate what length of spokes I need on Formula track hubs with CXP22 rims…I tried some web calculators but could not work it out since I don’t have all the dimensions…any idea?

    PS: do you think that ACI spokes (20/18/20) are weaker that DT/Sapim spokes (20/18/20) since mid section is 17mm instead of 18mm (they also come much cheaper)?

  • Sorry wanted to say 'ACI spokes (20/17/20)'

  • these are the deep section ones, if so roughly 282mm 3-x

  • 17mm, I should hope not.

    Seriously though, they ain't gonna snap. If they fail it will be fatigue at the elbow, not the middle breaking. ACI spokes have a good rep.

  • For CXP22 rims I can see in sporalc the there are two effective rim diameters 598.5 & 599.5 and in DT spoke calculator mentions 599…so 599 it is.

    The Formula hubs website mentions P.C.D. 62mm and flange diameter 71.5mm?

    Still not enough data for the calculation :-(

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Spoke Size / Spoke Length Database - What size spokes do I need?

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