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  • show us your tool

    0-300mm Absolute Digimatic IP67 coolant proof

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  • Ver' nice.
    My Mitutoyo digi callipers are still going strong after 30 years of regular use.

  • Ive been trying to not over pack mine as apparently if the zips burst they aren't covered.

  • Some mates give the gifts you didn't know you liked

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  • Any more pictures of loaded out veto tools bags?

    I've just migrated to a tech pac MC blackout backpack. Optmistically opted for the laptop back panel but I require a drill and laptop simultaneously and they don't fit at the same time so currently have the meter panel and carried laptop.

  • Ohhhhh!
    Very sexy.

  • I’m going with a Drip. As it looks too short for an Aqualia? Or maybe you have big hands¿

  • It's a drip indeed, thanks for pointing that out. And quite short indeed. I usually use a campy butter wrench, which is also a tad short. But that's 170mm and this is 125mm lol. Still a nice gift imo, we'll see how it holds up at the track.

  • Just made myself a fancy nipple loader. I was a little bit limited by the length of stock that I had so it might be a bit short for deep rims, but I mainly did it as an excuse to practice on the lathe. Very fun little project!

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  • Err…I’d buy one if you wanna make another!

    What’s with the brass top?

    Edit: actually, I’d buy a few if you’re willing to make..

  • The brass cap rides on a cartridge bearing?

    What's your tip like? I have the cyclus one with the stupid wire tip and it annoys me how fragile it is.

  • What's your tip like?

    Sounds a bit 'carry on' doesn't it?! :S

  • Forget the wire stuff. This is the best I've ever used. It's why I'd very much like @chiroshi to make me a few.

  • Wish I'd bought the blackout! I have a few boxes of drill bits, big tape, combi and impact driver, and spare battery in the back, then the front slightly overloaded with hand tools. It's even fully than the last photos I posted.

    Can't remember who else has veto bags, @konastab01 - care to share?

  • It's a nice bit of kit. I'm looking forward to bedding it in after a few weeks and settling on a good workflow/layout

  • Those nipple drivers look pretty shmick.

    ... BTW, US$600 for a dishing gauge. That must've inspired at least a few blokes to make their own for $20.

  • Here’s mine, machined and US made…

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  • The brass cap is just to cover the bearing. Not sure if a bearing is really necessary, the EVT one seems popular emough and doesn’t have a bearing. I just fancied seeing what kind of tolerances I could get on the fit.
    The main body is just one piece of stainless, the tip isn’t separate. I copied the 2 degree taper from EVT.
    I’m just using a lathe at work during lunch, so I don’t really have the resources to make more, and if I did, they’d probably be more expensive than the EVT one!

  • I’m still keen if you’re up for it? Higher price ain’t an issue, also no rush.

    Just find it beautifully crafted.

  • Mines doesnt have all that as I have it as a service bag but when i go out to the garage ill take a photo.

    Front i use for all my hand tools, back I used for gas gauge, multimeter, that kinda thing.

  • Current set up - socket set on the front, too many tools in the front section, then bulkier bits in the back (not pictured are the boxes of bits the combi and impact are sat on).

    Weighs a ton, but seems like the right mix of stuff.

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  • Looks like the full size pack accommodates the drills alot better than the MC. As you say real good mix of tools there.

    I went for the MC as I have a small base of hand tools that get used all the time and then usually carry 1 small tote box from the van, I have 6 of these totes loaded out with different tool sets for different tasks. The veto frees the hands up nicely for carrying and at the minute isn't too heavy.

    I'll see how different that is in a couple of months.

  • Tbf I might sell mine and buy the blackout version when they have the spring offer on. Would you be interested?

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Tool porn

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