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  • I'm sure this has been done to death, but are there any viable alternatives to the Park PRS 3.2 ? I've never been a huge fan of the clamp system on the park stands. I do want a flat bottom though, so Kestrel is out of the question.

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  • What’s your grip with the clamp? I reckon it’s the best I’ve used.

    We only work on bikes with 27.2mm posts though so never really have to adjust it. Well that’s not true, some of my colleagues like to live dangerously and clamp frames by the tt so it does get adjusted now and then.

  • From years of using it at work (as a shop floor person, not mechanic) I would always forget to wind the clamp in an out. Its for my posh new home workshop and annoyingly my bikes have basically got one of every post size

  • I use one of these, and I reckon it works great.

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  • Last night I discovered that some little swearword had a go at my shed the night before - luckily they didn't get the door open and weren't tooled up to have a go the bikes, but they did get away with a bunch of hand tools - spanners, torque wrench, socket set etc.

    Any recommendations for middle-of-the-road in both price and quality wise? I don't have snap-on/park tool money to replace much (maybe any) of it, but am very much into buying good stuff just the once.*

    *Unless it gets nicked :|

  • For the limited amount of socket set specific stuff I do the Halfords Pro set has been fine - and it’s almost invariably on sale/has a voucher/will be on sale soon.

    Torque wrenches - I can only speak to my own use, and that’s been Norbar which I’ve been very happy with.

  • Draper, Halfords Pro stuff is good. Still using Draper stuff I brought nearly 40 years ago. Not tool p*rn obviously but not anti.

  • Third vote for Halfords Pro - get them on offer - as mentioned previously.

  • I've found Bahco stuff decent for the price.

  • Thanks all! Have they renamed Halfords Pro, or is it in-store only? All I can see online is Halfords Advanced

  • It’s seems so. Advanced has a life time guarantee. Saying that, I have never had to use it.

  • Halfords advance had life time warranty
    Replaced my T25 about 8 times .Walk in and get new one in 2 mins no question asked . Don't tell them I use it in a impact gun.

  • That’s rather useful to know. Thanks 😀

  • Can anyone recommend a decent torque wrench?
    Not pron but nice. Under £100.

  • The Norbar TTi range is pretty solid in my experience. Got the 0-20Nm one a few years ago and used it loads.

  • Can anyone recommend a decent torque wrench?

    Have you tried the "Torque wrench recommendations" thread? 🙂

  • Best cutters for hydraulic brake lines? Hoping they’ll double up for cable outer.

  • Best

    I don't know if there's a bougie option but I have Lifeline ones and they go through cables and hoses alike without any effort. They chomped through braided stainless steel hoses like nuthin'­ble-cutter

    Edit: Out of stock, useless post is useless

  • KNIPEX 90 20 185

  • You had me at Knipex. Good for metal cable outer, too?

  • Through my adventures I found that pinchy, scissors type (edit: "shearing" is the word I was looking for) cutters (at least the 10 quid type ones) to be useless as they don't seem to cut straight. "Jagwire Spaceage Hydraulic Hose Cutter" seems to do the job for me, can be had for about the same price (well, £12) from Bezos with next day delivery as well.

  • Pretty sure that design of cutter will die on metal.

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Tool porn

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