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  • Very satisfying, that.

  • A bit annoying that those chain tools don't line up nicely when you reach the end/wind it all the way in.

    Edit: it was an Icetools breaker that looked tidy⬇️ no idea on quality though, the park ones are great.

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  • This is astonishing, festool boxes and everything

  • Is that all DIY?

  • I can confirm, the Vise II is a great tool.

    No more scarred knuckles from freaking whips flying off the cassette.­te-and-chain/vise-whip-ii/

    No problems on 13s either.

  • Cutting the foam out? Tbh it’s really easy, just use a sharp scalpel.

  • Looks👌

    What boxes are they?

    Festool SYS3-L

  • After a new set of allen keys, to be used at home, not out on rides, what's the go to set for the common sizes? Wera any good?

  • The coloured tubes come off the Wera ones

  • Never had an issue with the tubes on mine, heavily used for the last year!

  • Mine are also still all dressed in their tubes

  • I like my new Birzman set, but don’t have a long term report on them yet.

  • The coloured tubes come off the Wera ones

    I love these drivers but the tubes coming off and/or eventually getting mangled up is really frigging annoying. They’re easily the most comfy Allen keys you can get if you have to use them all day, but the tubes don’t last long.

    Wiha MagicRing drivers are my next favourites. The snap-ring which holds bolts on the ends is really handy and I can vouch that they can take abuse.

  • I have a lot of the PB Swiss sets, they certainly develop a patina through use but they are 100% functional, and I like the cheerful colours.

  • Cheers all. I'll have a look at the PB Swiss and Birzman sets, the Wera seem to strike a good balance between quality and value (about £25 for a set).

  • If you’re really keen these are brilliant:­t-handle-hexagon-allen-key-set-metric/pr­od/164540/
    I’ve had a set for years. They do a sliding t piece version too, which just magic for saddle clamps and the like.
    Really nice to use and extraordinarily hard wearing too.

  • If you're not feeling so flash I've been using the Teng guys for a few years now. The handles are nice and comfortable and have held up well. The only disadvantage I've come across is that they're a touch bulky for really tight spots and some 2 bolt seatposts, but otherwise great.

  • I've had the 4 and 5mm Teng for a couple years too and enjoy using them.

    Rest of the sizes in Wera coloured tubes. Gotta admit I find the tubes a bit annoying sometimes.

  • Yeah I had a couple of those too as they’re really nice to use. As you say for some jobs a bit bulky. Someone liked them enough to relieve me of them.
    Teng tools make an amazing ratchet screwdriver which has extensions and stores the bits in the handle. It’s the tool I use as much as anything­-74-piece-ratcheting-bits-driver-set.htm­l

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  • My Knipex pliers came in the mail today. Wondering how long it'll be before they have a chance to get me out of a tight spot at work...

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  • Interesting... how many bits can you store in the handle?

  • I've bought a few mini vices in the last few years. Just picked a swivel base one for engraving the other day.
    What have you looked at so far?

    It's been hard finding high quality ones but then I didn't need it to clamp something super tight.

    The first one I bought broke in half on its first outing.

    Edit: or are you using that plastic clamp for holding the crank arm?

  • I think the MFT system clamps would be fine for what I need- I’ll test later but I think I’d only need a proper vice for hub type stuff.

    I’d probably be fine just with the flat clamps, but the vertical ratchet one holds stuff down with authority- and they all neatly clamp against one another on the worktop for storage.

  • Tidy

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Tool porn

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