Cycle to Indiependance festival in Cork?

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  • Hey,

    Thinking of cycling to the Indiependance Festival in Cork over the August Bank Holiday Weekend.

    Would be a lot more fun to do it with a couple of people.

    Anyone interested in heading along?

    Tickets are 59 euro with free camping

    Decent line up.­_lineup.html

    Thinking of doing it over 2 days find a campsite on the way down

    Maybe even head to Cork City after for a night and then spin back up/ get the train back to dublin.

  • Whats your plan altogether?
    Im familiar with the area, my Dad lives close.
    I have never heard of the park that its in, do you know where it is in relation to the town center?
    Did you look up the camping options? They are ages away, 10miles to the closest one.
    Plus 10 miles in the pitch darkness without a streetlight in sight.
    Cork city is a 40 or so minute drive from Mitchelstown too.

    Im very interested as is Disaster just worried about the details.

  • Thinking of cycling to Kilkenny the first day just under 120 km, camp there in a campsite in kilkenny.It has free showers and a camping kitchen so we can cook up a good feast.­m

    Then cycle the next day to the festival campsite 80km or so, nice and crusiey. Cos we'll have the bikes we can cycle into mitchelstown and eat out, buy shit loads of food and beer and brign them back to the campsite.

    I was looking the other day and it looked like the camspte was 4 miles away, but just today they've gotten the go ahead for camping in the festival site for free (as long as you have a weekend ticket)

    This is as far as I've gotten with the planning of this so far, just occured to me tonight :)

    theres a slight chance I might be able to score a working pass for the weekend, which would mean i'd be working down there but still interested in cycling down to it

    I'm open to suggestions for getting home too, we could spin down to cork, hostel for a night and then get teh train back up on tuesday morning, i'm easy

  • You sure about the camping onsite?
    That would be my biggst worry, also we wouldnt be able to get our bikes onsite...

    The trip plan looks good anyway.

    As for getting home I would say(other than how busy it will be) get the bus back from Mitchelstown, aircoach have no luggage limit.

  • .

  • Taking from here­_info.html

    "INDIEPENDENCE Music & Arts Festival Gets
    Camping Green Light
    Camping Facilities Announced
    Its been a while coming to fruition but the INDIEPENDENCE Music & Arts Festival has finally been given the green light for an official festival campsite at O'Connell Park, Mitchelstown. This means that festival goers heading along to see headliners Ocean Colour Scene and The Super Furry Animals along with top Irish acts, The Blizzards, Mundy, Fight Like Apes, The Frank & Walters, Director, Delorentos, Fish Go Deep, Wallis Bird, The Chapters and over 50 more top acts and DJ's will now be able to stay on site for the weekend and enjoy the full festival experience!

    But here's the best bit, festival organisers in these recessionary times have decided not to charge any extra for the campsite! Anybody with a €59 weekend ticket purchased from ticketmaster even where these tickets state "weekend non-camping" will be given access to the campsite. The site is adjacent to the festival arena and car parking facilities are less than 5 minutes walk away.

    The site will open at 6pm on Friday July 31st and close at 6pm on Monday August 3rd"


  • Nice

  • This is a excuse for the good people of this forum to go off for a group ride and weekend piss-up in one, why are more people not jumping on this?

  • Would love to but I'm in Donegal that weekend

  • As would I but I'll be flying out on the 31july : )

  • This is a excuse for the good people of this forum to go off for a group ride and weekend piss-up in one, why are more people not jumping on this?

    For me the Devil is in the details:

    I'd need a ticket, a tent, a carrier rack, and to retrieve my panniers which are currently on loan.

    Also, not sure about 120k fixed in one day, and not sure what kind of pace people would want to cycle, how often to stop for food and a rest etc. I'd never make 120k cycling at Stein's pace, how about the rest of you?

    And, I'm not a fan of public transport so I'd prefer to cycle back but not sure if I'd be feeling up to it after the festivities and sleeping in a tent!

  • I'd never make 120k cycling at Stein's pace, how about the rest of you?

    Awh thanks lol, but im pretty much out anyway, I has to works.

  • Is disaster IRL still interested too or is he out too?

  • Not sure but my inclination is that he is out.

  • I am out unfortunately, the date kind of crept up on me, if it was a week later I would still be up for it, but work and the like is the problem

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Cycle to Indiependance festival in Cork?

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