Nahguavkire: Shut this forum down?

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  • Hey,

    Was just wondering - would it not be better/easier to disable all posting in this forum and direct people to the new, independent one, so we can build on it and just have one forum for the dublinfgss scene, rather than two. Fuck the Brits and all that, y'know? *

    Maybe it can wait until Tiny has the domain linked to the forum properly and ironed out any teething issues.

    But I think its a good idea. Thoughts?

    • this is a joke by the way, before anyone gets upset.
  • I should be getting something together this weekend.... just been really busy with work and real life and stuff lately, hence my seeming silence!

  • I think it's a good idea but only once the other forum is up and running

  • ...just move to london – simples!

  • Once you guys are ready, let me know.

    I can close this forum and lock out all threads... and then add a link at the top to point to the new Dublin forum.

  • Yep good idea alright. Not to put any pressure on Tiny either, bearing in mind he's doing it on his own time.

  • Well, there's no rush... just whenever you're ready... let me know.

  • We're ready. Time to wave goodbye. Also I think that nahguavkire should be made an admin on seeing as how he was one here (wasnt he?).

    So, in the grand tradition of Pearse & Connolly, etc etc...

  • Did someone say my name?

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Nahguavkire: Shut this forum down?

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