West Beers! Temporary Home

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  • As above. Pick a boozer.

    I fucking love democracy

  • Wow, The Greyhound went straight in to the lead...

  • Er, The Ship did.

  • Er, The Ship did.

    Drat. Bloody democracy.

  • Ha! In your face Greyhound / Dov!

    Why no Stonemasons? That actually was the second home to West beers (the Ship is the 3rd). The initial home to west beers was The Red Lion, Castlenau Rd. This was when we used to meet in RP and actually do some riding first...

  • You should only invoke democracy when all of the options are favourable to you.

  • I smell a rat, my pole just got another option...

    goes off to investigate the interwebs

  • Let's add the Red Lion, I doubt anyones up for riding anywhere though, we've all turned in to fat fuckers.

  • I thought it was only fair that the original home of Wests should be on the list.

    And it's a public poll, the numbers are verifiable as you can see who they are attributed to.

  • the red lion, it will turned to be a bad idea

  • Ooh, ooh, how do we see who's voted for what?

    Can we sticky this up for a week?

  • Can we sticky this up for a week?


  • dude you whining gimp, so you don't like one pub that we have to go to for a couple of weeks whilst the crabtree is turned into a gastropub! FFS! man, grow a pair, quiet your buzz and drink at the chancery which was decided on previously...

  • Well, it's Chancery tonight... that ain't changing at this late stage. But next week? Hell, let the poll decide.

  • Corny my love, as you can see above it's not just me who'd prefer somewhere else.

    If everyone stands idly by while decisions are made they disagree with then what kind of state would the world be in? You'll never censor me you evil dictator!

  • back to the Stonemasons - where it all began.

  • bah a pox on you forum democracy!

  • though The Flying Fuck is a nice suggestion too

  • though The Flying Fuck is a nice suggestion too

    ROFL ROFL nuff LOL's

  • I would've voted for the stonemasons were I to have added it before I voted. Doh.

  • I would have spread my vote across all the others apart from The Chancery had I realised you could do that. Truth is, I don't really understand this Poll thingy

  • It's easy really. Everyone votes for The Ship and then we go there.

  • Dov. This is not a democracy. It is a benevolent dictatorship under Velocio's munificence. Get with the program.

  • Need to know the location soon, I have creditors to inform!!

  • 50, this week we're still at the Chancery.

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West Beers! Temporary Home

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