Fixie Fanatics

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  • jaysus

  • see you guys there!

  • I'll be there with my fucked up arm, if only briefly because I have to be in work at 6. Look out for the dreadlocked guy with a sling :-/

  • On the whole I try and laugh at, and boycott, anything 'fixie' but I suppose I'll be at this. 'yey'.


  • Why would you boycott them?

  • I'll be along I guess, if only to stop dotc giving out about me not being there -he'll have his Mercian up for sale at it -great bike

  • Well what I said to my friend who asked the same thing, I'd love to go to bicycle fun that wasn't caught in the stranglehold of douchebaggery that all things 'fixie' are, but such fun doesn't exist. So alas, I must make do.

  • The fixed riding scene in Dublin IMHO is too small for anyone to get petty, or to act condescending towards new riders, or to dismiss others who organise stuff as a fashionista thing ("douchebag" is such an American term, does anyone in Ireland actually say that out loud??), I'm glad to see events such as the organised rides happen, and something like this event too - even if it is in the Bernard Shaw, the epicentre of trendiness in Dublin. I'm not a big fan of Bodytonic, but they've got a decent beer garden out the back, the music can be good, and there's a yard space, so more power to the organisers for doing something constructive for Dublin!

    If they let us I'd love to have a fixie event in the back lounge of the Glimmerman on Manor Street... that place knows how to party.

  • urgh, fixie. musik also. dublin is fucking amazing can i come?

  • Looks like I'm working the afternoon so I can only head up for about 7 so I hope there's still some stuff going on!

  • no racing?!

  • Like alleycats? Haven't heard of any...

  • as bike snob says hipsters are all about track standing and skidding competitions... Ye know events that involve slowing or not riding the bicycle. Ha ha

  • flickerx, i can never tell if your posts are aimed as responses to mine, because you deal partially with stuff i've said, in this case one word, but then talk mostly about stuff i haven't said.

  • So scaryeire, are you a track cyclist or commuter or what? What category do you fall into? Or are you perhaps above such trivial denominators?
    (that reads quite aggressive, but it's just curiosity with a little humour)
    I think you'd definitely be a good candidate for or the like!

  • actually i'm way below such crucial denominators.

  • I'd planned to go but I'm fuckin dyin from last night, my body's crying out for some tlc

  • I'd planned to go but I'm fuckin dyin from last night, my body's crying out for some tlc

    matt! don't be a 'douchebag'. you'd better be there! as for the rest of you, i hope to see the familiar faces and new folks. i'm excited about meeting folks.
    see you in several hours!

  • i love the flakey ambiguity of 'several hours' ha ha

  • there's only so many minutes i can watch of hipsters in lumberjack shirts skidding down the hills of san fran on a big screen in a pub before the inspirational mediocrity inspires me to go out and ride. So have fun everyone.

  • It's a shame you left, I would have been interested in meeting bikesnobdub!

  • It's a shame about the weather, I would have like to see some competing

  • I was there, left at about half six though. Didn't spot you there crazydingo must have missed you or something.

  • I only got there at about 7 or a little bit after that because I was working all
    afternoon unfortunately

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Fixie Fanatics

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