Which Tyres?

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  • I installed 32c Cinturato's TLR on LB WR rims last night and it was quite the odyssey. Took a few hours, 150psi and a lot of sealant. First ride today through the mists of Essex

  • The only thing I'm reading about Cinturatos that gives me pause for thought is that the tread is quite narrow allegedly so on rims with larger internal width, more of the sidewall comes into play. Is 19mm internal considered wide?

  • really? i have done the same albeit 35c on LB rims, was a doddle

  • Extremely tight, much swearing and 4 to 5 attempts to seat. In contrast Hutchinson Fusions on so Knot 64's last week took about 10 minutes per wheel

  • I'm the same, 35c on LB WR (which Pirelli screams at you is forbidden) and it was easy peasy.

  • I've got some Vittoria Corsa N.EXT in 34mm and they seem good so far. Grippy, not slow, and measure up as advertised on 20mm internal rims. Went on and inflated easily too - no levers needed! Probably not as tough as the Pirellis but no problems yet, and they should be a fair bit quicker-rolling.

  • Good to know, I may go to those once the Cinturato's wear out. Or run as a posh summer tyre.

  • I've recycled it now but Pirelli specify measured vs actual width with their own acronyms on the box for 19/21/23mm internal.

    From memory 32c was true to size on 19 and went up 33/34c on the wider internals.

  • I'm impressed with Panaracer Paselas: comfy, fast and I've taken them over miles of gravelly and pot-holed path with no trouble at all. Definitely a worthwhile and good-looking upgrade on a vintage bike.

  • Panaracer Paselas

    Are these wire bead or folding?

  • My favourite tyres.
    Now if Panaracer could find their way to making a tubeless version in 700x38 and 650bx48 that would be just dandy.

  • Both available

  • Sorry unclear post, I was asking which version fabfurrymarmots was using.

  • Good to hear, I just ordered some foldable 28c ones

  • Wired. They're cheap at Fawkes cycles and also at panaracer.co.uk which has 30% off everything for black Friday.

    I'm glad to have found them because decent tyres in 27 x 1 1/4" are not common.

  • All hail the pasela! Wish they'd do a wider one, 42 size.

  • marathon supreme comes in similar width and tubeless (and is faster)

  • They seem hard to get in 700c TLE versions in some sizes. I can see 40s at Richardson’s cycles (at £41.50 which isn’t too bad), but not in 35.

    I think my favoured options so far are the Cinturato Velo or the Supremes in 35. Holding back as I’d still rather have a 37 or 38 tyre for this bike.

  • But not tan wall, and I don't ride fast. I'll stick with Paselas ta.

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Which Tyres?

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