Which Tyres?

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  • Has an absolute bastard of a time getting 30c Corsa Controls on to my DT Swiss rims and had to inflate them way beyond the recommended max to seat them properly. Toughest time I've ever had mounting tyres! My thumbs are absolutely battered now. Currently using tubes but planning on giving tubeless a try, hoping they'll seat a bit more easily without the tubes?

  • I need a set of great performing winter tyres for cheap...with tan walls!

    Front is tubeless, rear is standard clincher.

    Does this tyre exist or is it mere fantasy?

  • Controversial opinion but I've had good results with Gravelking slicks. Fast enough and grippy. I think I'm the only person in the world that hasn't had loads of punctures with them though (only had 1 in the life span of my last set).

  • I’m guessing they’ll seat more easily now they’ve been seated.

  • Agree with everything but the punctures, my rear tire looked shredded after a season of commuting in glassy streets and gravel paths.
    Maybe the new version with puncture belt is easier to live with

  • Friends don't let friends ride Gravelkings.

  • Lols - thanks Friend :-)

  • If they were new, then in theory leaving tyres on for a bit with tubes will stretch them and yes they’ll be easier to put on when it comes around to tubeless time. Was suggested on a recent episode of Nerd Alert podcast.
    Now I remember it, they recommended inflating to max to speed up the stretching process (lower *pressure would stretch, but over a longer time)

  • The old Schwalbe Ones. Sadly can’t get them anymore (they switched about the range). Not exactly winter, but beefier than the usual array.

    Schwalbe G-One Allround came in tan, if you’re looking at the wider end.

  • Nice one. I’ll check out some reviews.

    After another search, I may need to sacrifice the tan wall aesthetic and there are plenty of options and availability in black…

  • Top tip, thanks! Maybe I'll blast the tyres up to 100psi over night a few times until I find the time/energy to make my first foray into tubeless. Alternatively, I'll get one of the mechanics at my work to do the hard work for me like the lazy piece of shit I am.

  • I've had good experiences with gravelkings too. Got a couple of punctures in one trip, but that was coming out of Bolton on the cycle paths near the hospital, the locals do like to smash their bottles quite a bit, suppose it makes em feel more masculine (I'm just guessing, but it probably is more of a male pastime).

  • Yeah I've never understood the hate! I've had various versions on 3 different bikes and never had any issues.

  • After several years of tubeless bliss with teravail, I spent 3 hours last night attempting to get a single Challenge Baby Limus onto my wheel. Despite having a bead jack, trying all the tricks in the book, removing rim tape etc couldn’t get it into the wheel and fingers and thumbs are in agony today. Had two of us trying at one point and I thought I’d snap the rim before getting the second bead over

    Took 3 mins to get a gravel king SK that I had knocking about on, although obviously it sliced on its first ride today

  • Has anyone tried the Pirelli Scorpion MTB H 27.5x2.6 Folding Tyre?

  • @dubtap which lifeline tyres do you recommend for daily use?

  • Get wired durano plus for speed and puncture proofness

  • wired

    y do u hate me

  • If you want to pay £10 extra they come in folding

  • 32c Essential commuter folding will get you where you want every single time and slower than you ever believed possible

  • Vittoria rubino.

  • I'm replacing some wheels on my Genesis CDF. Mostly use it just for getting around town but also fair weather ~30 mile trips and the very occasional 2-3 day touring style cycle-camp. Rarely go off tarmac but I appreciate not slipping on gravel if I do go on it.

    I'm thinking 32c-35c, and ideally between £30-40 each. Any recommendations?

  • Tufo gravel speedero

  • Any users of Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season? Am after a 28c winter training tyre, tubeless, costing £30-£40

  • I’ve purchased a set of Vitoria Corsa Control as winter tyres. Now they have just arrived, they don’t feel like the track is thick enough to offer much in the way of puncture protection.

    Has anyone got experience with these?

    Would I be better off with Conti 4 S?

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Which Tyres?

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