Which Tyres?

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  • Can you fit larger volume tyres in your frame? In my experience, 25 mm doesn’t have enough volume to work well in a tubeless setup and you’ll have lots of issues with loss of pressure.

  • Thanks challenge off the list then. They were by the most expensive on the list anyway. Never used a vredstein but I'll check them out

  • I've got a Genesis zero disc. Spec says 28mm but I'm running crud racers so 28's may not fit under the guard up front but no problem out back. My current conti 25's measure 27mm on my wideish rims

  • has anyone tried the conti contact sport 26" version -- is it "heavy" feeling? Its not meant to be a folding tyre (as far as I am aware)

    its either this or rene herse naches pass at 3x the cost.

  • Think Conti contact Urban is higher rated on BRR.. could be an alternative to the sport?

  • The old vredestein fortezza tri comp used to be my favourite.

    I haven't tried their direct replacement, the fortezza senso all weather, but i've recently put some of their open tubulars on. They're absolutely excellent, like the old vittoria open corsas, but with grippier rubber. I've been running challenge tyres for the last 4 or 5 years and they tend to be less grippy in wet weather and are absolute pigs to fit. If you want a nice fast 25mm winter tyre maybe open pave?

  • I always used to use cosa clinchers and tubs in summer and open paves in winter and loved them. I didn't think there was a tubeless pave replacement since they stopped doing the black and green clinchers. So a tubeless equivalent of that is what I'm after really. Google says the corsa g+ is the replacement but I've no experience with vittorias since they released the graphine like 5 years ago. I'm right out of touch with the current crop

  • Some old stock of the open paves is still available on wiggle/crc. Out of interest why tubeless? For pressures required for 25mm tyres it seems like a faff, given they'll still lose significant pressure whilst sealing. Tried schwalbe ones? Supposed to be super grippy and play nice with tubeless

  • I've got some shwalbe ones and rate them but didn't want to trash them as a winter tyre i thought they were a dry racey tyre? Tubeless because i get a lot out fine shingle on my coastal commute an in the wet i seems to puncture every couple of weeks which usually seal up on their own pretty quickly and sometimes just need a 10-20 psi top up and I'm off again.

  • Sounds like 30mm is the way to go. My old wheels had a 19mm internal width, Pirelli P-zero 25cc tyres came up to 29mm when blown up, that's why i ask whether it's worth downsizing and avoiding any potential balloon shape.

  • Hutchinson fusion 5 all season gets my vote, I have a set on my commuter. Fastish, but grippy and still tough. And Hutchinson have the easiest tubeless setup I find, very underrated tyres.

  • Cheers I'm pretty sure I've seen pairs on sale so anything if i can get anything decent for £80-£100 I'm happy

  • As a Pave aficionado, the Corsa Controls are supposedly the like for like replacement. I’m a convert, hard wearing, grippy and durable.

    But, I was using the 25 mm version set up tubeless and had too many instances of them losing pressure on rides.

  • Sorry, Corsa Control's are a direct replacement for the Open Pave? Worth going for these over the Open Pave's on wiggle etc.?

  • Only if you needs tubeless compatibility or the larger sizes. Otherwise the Wiggle Paves are a real bargain.

  • Thanks I'll probably go for the corsa controls or the fusion 5 all season. It'll come down to availability and price. I can't find the tubeless vredsteins anywhere. I've borrowed some 28's to check clearance so I'll go as fat as I can fit. My rims are 21mm internal 30 mm external so will probably be happier with a wider tyre mounted if i can squeeze them in.

  • I came here to see if there where any recommendations for a winter tyre other than the Corsa Controls I usually run, but it seems I will be running them another winter.
    Have been happily swapping between the recent Corsa’s and Controls or Open Corsa and Pave’s for over a decade. They seem to work pretty well on Belgian roads.

    edit: all latex tubed, because who actually rides tubeless on road bikes...

  • Fwiw, I use schwalbe pro ones year round. They do pick up small punctures but they seal up. Not incredibly hard wearing but fast, grippy and decent in the wet

  • road tubeless is nonsense, it takes 3 mins to replace a tube side of the road vs 300 mins spent every year on tubeless maintenance and install

  • I've been using G One Speeds for mainly road duties last 2 seasons. 35c, lowish pressures and tubeless setup a few years ago took a fraction of the time it takes @amey . Agree though that the high pressure experience for racing tubeless probably did take >300 minutes, felt like 300 hours

  • I'm giving Cinturato Velo a go this winter

  • Wait what? A couple of the last comments suggest that tubes are fine and even though I've been riding, repairing and changing tubes for 30 years without issue there really isn't a problem with the setup and road tubeless isn't the future and totally necessary? Even though Bike Radar said so. Next you'll be claiming i don't need ever increasing bearing sizes, axle widths, gear ratios and integrated cables on all my bikes and what has worked perfectly well from a performance and maintenance standpoint for decades is actually fine to continue riding now and for years to come. I've even heard of people trying to spread the malicious rumour that disc brakes are dead
    Oh 🙄

  • What you need is a custom Silca titanium sealant injector.

  • Nothing beats cotton tires and latex tubes.

  • Do they do a set with an OSPW nano ceramic wax jockey wheel bearing lubricator that comes in a pretty red box for £300? I think you'll find we all need one of those. Although I'm not 100% sold on my OSPW's tbo it's almost like they make no difference to my riding at all and their essentially just expensive decoration and were a total waste of money

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Which Tyres?

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