Which Tyres?

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  • I see that Continental Speed Kings in 27.5 x 2.2 are not available anymore, are they replaced with Terra Hardpack tyres in 2.0 size? Or just sold out everywhere I look? Are there similar 'speedy' 27.5 and 2.1-2.2 tyres available? Classic choice maybe Panaracer SK Gravelkings in 2.1 size.

  • Looking for a 26" tyre, 1.9-2.2" wide for mostly commuting with the off venture off road. What's the go to?

  • If you can go to 2.25 Schwalbe’s Smart Sam is good on road with near contiguous central ridge and not bad off road at all. I’d forego the 2.15 though, tread elements seem disproportionately smaller, quite odd and less fun off the tarmac.

  • Does anyone have experience with Vittoria Terreno Zero G2.0? Looking for a winter (mainly) road tyre around 32. Ideally looking for something grippy, reasonable puncture protection and not too pedestrian on tarmac.

  • I have lots of experience with the Terreno Dry (that is actually faster than the Zero) which has the same side knobs. Fantastic summer off road tyre but those side knobs aren't nice cornering on tarmac, however that applies to just about all off road tyres. Specialized Roubaix 30/32 are my go-to winter road-with-a-small-bit-of-off tyre now.

  • I’d get continental contact Urban for mostly urban stuff

  • Thanks - will have another think!

  • If you like vittoria, I think the Rubino is ok.
    I've been using Corsas from about April/May, have gone mainly on roads have also climbed the Titsey off road section on them. Have held up well.

  • Also running them tubeless.

  • On a bike with disc brakes and 1 x 11 setup.

  • Terreno dry yeah, you have side knobs. Terreno zero doesn't have any.
    I'd try Corsa Next, they feel pretty good and grippy

  • Corsa next are on pbk at 77.99 a pair currently

  • https://www.mantel.com/uk/vredestein-for­tezza-senso-superiore-tyre

    Just got some of these from mantel, no import charges. Haven’t fitted but first impression carcass is as nice as my current challenge stradas and rubber is as grippy as old vredestein tricomps

  • I might be able to do you a deal on a pair of 25s that have been fitted and ridden about 1km. I got them for she-who-must but they've come up a bit narrow for her. They're not the folding variety so postage could be...interesting.
    Anyone fitted them in 32c flavour? How wide do they come up?

  • I’m not sure what I’ve done, but what ever it was it must have been good.
    Because I’ve just fitted a pair of 700x25c Marathon Plus tyres to 20mm int rims will no tools in under 5 minutes.
    I’m just off to buy a lottery ticket.

  • My almost too good to be true deal on these second hand Pirelli P Zero Race SLs was actually too good to be true. I didn't notice these when I was installing them. Both front and rear are affected. Only the rolling surface though, sidewalls are okay.
    I do run them with tubes, I think that can't cause this issue?
    I guess these can pretty much fail at any moment now, and I've ridden the bike three times since I installed the tyres... Or should I stop worrying about it? Never seen this before.

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  • Halo Twin rail

  • I've ridden tyres like this for 1000's of Km. I think you'll probably be fine. As long as the casing underneath is in good nick this shouldn't be a problem.
    Granted this is from my own experience, others might know better.

  • 25mm winter tubeless road tyres?
    Fast rolling still but more robust than my current gp5000s. Don't need to be bullet proof like a marathon or pasela but going to be ridden in poor conditions for about for 1500-2000 k this winter so I'd like something that'll last that
    Vittoria Rubino
    Specialized roubaix
    Challenge strada
    Hutchinson fusion 5 all season
    Any experience or other suggestions?

  • Im struggling a bit with the search function, so apologies if this has been asked already.

    21mm internal width on a pair of Campy Shamal C19 wheels. What tyre width is the go to? By that I mean which width would allow for a smooth transmission between tyre and rim? Would 30mm tyres result in a balloon profile?

    Appreciate it's all down to the tyre manufacturer, I'm limited to whatever Condor have stock of for winter tyres. Currently have Vittoria Open Corsa G2.0 folding 30mm, which might be a) too wide and b) bad winter tyres.

  • 30mm tires would be on the smaller side of what would work with a 21mm internal rim. Like many have said, we used to run 2” tires on 15mm internal rims in the 80s and hardly anybody died as a result.

  • I like vittoria rubino for tough-ish tyres. avoid challenge strada, they are nice but fragile.
    I had some vredestein all-weather something a few years ago that were faultless and ok rolling.

  • if you're after aero, I think they would be designed for 25mm tyres

  • Are you racing on them?
    Yes, 25mm max.
    No, fit the biggest tyre that'll go in your f/f.
    Easy peasy.

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Which Tyres?

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