Which Tyres?

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  • 2.5? I thought it was all 1.95" when you dinosaurs were starting out. Isn't 2.5 plus size any more? It's modern no? I don't know any more

  • If they're nice and they work I'm sure you can work out a suitable amortization to make them affordable.

  • For me it was actually 2.3"

    I was running rigid steel singlespeed in a 24hr (4x) and want some cush so put a Tioga DH tyre on the front of the VERY cheap wheel. Back then I didn't understand anything about Crr or tyre sidewalls, etc so it was probably worse than just fitting a skinny XC tyre.

  • Turns out Spanish bike shop wrenches speak the universal language of bike shop employees 🍺🍺🍺💶💶💶

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  • I hope they roll nicely over here

  • I bought some gp5000s from depor village a couple of weeks back. They arrived in a few days, no issues. Had to pay shipping, but was ok as I had a couple of other bits, that the only downside.

  • Ta I have a think about it.

  • after many hundreds of punctureless miles over gravel, rock, bridle path and tarmac, my trusty Gravelkings have started to develop some dubious looking cracks in the sidewalls.

    Tempted to just replace like for like, but am always on the lookout for something new, so what’s a good fast rolling tyre for 50/50 road and off road duties, in the 38mm to 42mm region?

  • Specialized pathfinders

  • I found the G One allrounds pretty good.

    I've actually put a pair of 45's back on for summer, saving the Urban Contacts for winter when I'll only be on the road.

  • Vittoria terreno dry

  • Tufo Gravel tyres - choose whichever one most suits your roads (probably Thunderoo). I use Swamperoos as I do 95% offroad, and I love them. BRR rate them highly.

  • Cheers all, I’ll have a gander at these (and probably pick whichever is cheapest, damn cost of living crisis)

  • To my surprise 28mm GP4000s on A23's (18/23 width) are noticeably wider than 28mm GP5000s on kinlin xr-31 (19/24 width)

    Just googled - and its a thing, the 5000s are narrower than the 4000s, and maybe more extreme between a used 4000 (i have on the front) and a new 5000

  • Just went to change tyres on my partners Troll only to realise almost my entire tyre stash has been stolen from the communal bike cage in my building. They were all looped through a cheap cable lock. Tbh I never thought anyone would chop a lock for tyres 🥺

    Fuckers took everything aside from a pair of 26” studded winter tyres. Nothing of great value but hella annoying.
    Been in and out of there a million times lately but didn’t spot they’d gone. Just happy the Compass and GK tyres were on bikes at the time.

    Now on the hunt for the following:
    Wide 26” summer slicks
    650b slicks
    700c touring tyres

    Seems kenda kiniptions are out of stock everywhere which is what worked great on her troll previously.
    Everything else I’ll replace as and when I need it.

  • Got a pair of WTB Horizons (650x47) for sale, if they're slick enough?

  • Much appreciated(and it was a pair of horizons I lost), but alas I’m utterly skint at the moment and I’m not planning on any long trips on that particular bike at the moment so will hold off for now.
    Thanks for the offer tho! :)

  • No problem, nobody seems to want em, so if you change your mind/suddenly find some surplus coin, gimme a shout.

  • 700c touring tyres

    I've got some 42c Conti Urban Contacts spare. They've done about 500 miles around France so still look good as new. One had a glass puncture, but it's not noticeable.

  • Appreciated! Have set a reminder for payday so if I’m not skint then I’ll be in touch.

  • Thanks, a little bit beefier than I’d choose tho ;)

    Appreciate all the offers but I was more just posting to rant about them being swiped rather than being ready to replace them all at this point 😅

  • Gravelking SK or SK plus for tubeless summer riding, on and off road riding?
    Are they harder than others to got on/off?

  • I find all Panaracer tyres are fuckers to fit, never had a problem running the standard SK, is there much of a weight difference?

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Which Tyres?

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