Which Tyres?

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  • Got some maxxis ardents 2.25 cheap

  • Mezcal or ikon

  • Has anyone tried continental contact urban in larger sizes? Looking at 27.5*2" for touring.

  • Yes I use 26 x 2.2” on my town mtb

    And on my omnium I use a 20 x 2.0”

    Still excellent

  • What I wanted to hear! Thanks

  • My Gravelking SKs now seem to be cracking along the side walls, while the tread looks like it has more life left. Is it normal for side wall to wear before tread? They are 18 months old and have done plenty of off road miles so not too bad I guess.

  • Not normal, unless stored in a cold place. my experience with them is if they are used under a certain pressure, sidewall can detariorate quickly and can lead to sealant seepage.

  • Interesting, I may have run them quite low a few times, e.g. 25 - 30 psi. This is 43mm width. Not noticed any seepage.

  • Maxxis Re-Fuse, 27.5x2.0, do people rate this tyre? They're not the lightest.

  • Is there any standout choices for a well rounded 26 2.10/2.30-ish tyre? In this case for city use and some very light gravel.

    People seem happy with Vittoria Mezcal (a bit heavy?), 17.90 EUR here.

  • I like mezcals on my gravel bike but they are slow on tarmac.. I'd be looking at a slick if I were you, conti contact urban seems to be the flavour of the month.

  • Well that was a battle! Cable tries were involved, but they are on. Now time for a ride.
    Vittoria Corsa Graphene 2.0 25c

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  • Still looking for a pair of GP5000 clincher (32mm) if anyone has come across anywhere selling. Can't seem to find anything.

  • Not sure if Conti still make the first gen gp5k. All about the S now

  • Anyone tried Continental Grand Sport Race with PureGrip compound?

  • They used to be pretty decent for the money. Like a poor man's GP4000

  • Just managed to nab a pair on eBay so sorted now.

  • Getting good write ups. The thing putting me off is the horror stories I hear about fitting them.
    Anyone got anything positive to say about fitting them or how they ride? I feel continental is a safe bet.

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  • Really nice tyre... challenging to put on depending on the rim you've got. They stretch a bit after a while tho. My nearly new rear is a bastard to get back on, the front I can do without levers (has about 8k on it)

  • Cheers.
    May just go for it and risk the battle. Running DT Swiss R470's
    If not, I'll take to my lbs with a bag of coffee and wish him luck.

    I don't think they're the tubeless "TL" version of the GP 5000

  • If not, I'll take to my lbs with a bag of coffee and wish him luck.

    One of my LBS refused to touch my GP5000 TL

  • Haha!
    That may have settled it for me. The ones on sport pursuit say not tubeless compatible. Not sure if that means they are easier to fit or not.

  • Normal clincher GP5000 are a lot easier to install than TL versions. I haven’t tried the new S TR, but they should be easier to fit than the “old” TL.

  • I've read they are easier to put on too. Based on that, I got some but I've not dared open the box to try them yet as the old ones were such a bastard to fit I still have mental scars from the experience.

  • Sounds like you might've been riding them too low pressure. This puts more strain on the sidewalls. Lots of people running tyre inserts nowadays so they can run lower pressures and one bonus is less impact on sidewalls.

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Which Tyres?

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