Which Tyres?

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  • https://www.bicyclerollingresistance.com­/tour-reviews/continental-contact-urban

    Nice to know that me ‘feeling’ they were pretty good wasnt just my imagination!

  • They look good, although nobody seems to have them in 42c. :-(

  • These are THE 26er runaround tyre IMO

  • High five! 🙌

  • no, Marathon Supreme (folding) only

  • Thanks, ordered a set 👍

  • I’ll have to try them one day.

  • I'm looking for a replacement for Schwalbe G One Speed 29*2.3

    The usage will be commuting mostly.

    I want slick or nearly slick, tubeless ready and approximately 29*2.1-2.2 size, with a little more puncture resistance than the schwalbe g one speed.

    Any recommendations?

  • Nvm, misread sorry :)

  • No answers, so let me rephrase my question to see if that helps.

    My partner's bike is a Surly ECR, set up with schwalbe g one tyres (29 X 2.3) and suitably wide mudguards.

    The tyres are set up tubeless. Maintenance falls to me and I find tubeless is a pain. The commute is short so in reality a puncture is solved by walking to work instead.

    New tyres are needed. Is there anything in 29*2 (approx) that is tubeless and with decent puncture protection?

    Otherwise, what clincher in 29*2 approx that has decent puncture resistance and doesn't ride like crap?

  • Otherwise, what clincher in 29*2 approx that has decent puncture resistance and doesn't ride like crap?

    Now my original answer is relevant, conti contact urban!

    I posted the link to the RR test at the top of the page. And will concur that they ride nicely.

  • Nice, thank you!

  • Big fan of the Contact Speed, not sure if they still make it though.

  • How about G-One Speed in 2.0”, they have a V-guard puncture protection which the 2.3” Speeds don’t have.

  • A question to other Vittoria/GEAX Booze Light tire users:
    Both of my tires (26x2.3) have a bit of a wobble, one is worse and "deflects" around 3-5 mm side to side.

    Have you noticed something similar with your tires? Or have they all been flawless without much of a wobble?

  • 700x50 (2.0) tyres for tandem touring, backroads and some light doubletrack, tubes not tubeless.

    do I want:
    Schwalbe Big Ben
    Schwalbe Marathon Almotion Evo
    Schwalbe Super Moto
    Schwalbe G-One Speed (my god these are ££ and maybe not great with tubes)

    I have some Conti Contact Urbans on order but not sure they'll arrive soon enough :(

  • Almotions I'd say from that list.

    The contact urbans are great btw. Recently put some on.

  • the main issue with the OG 5k tyre was the super stiff casing making them horrible to mount and harsh/stiff feeling to ride. The new ones feel super soft, grippy, plush and very fast to ride

    Thanks, that sounds good. I had some mounting struggles with the originals and ruled them out. I've just ordered some of the new ones to see if I can get them on easily enough to use.

  • Schwalbe Marathon Almotion Evo

    These are supposed to be very good.

  • The 700x40C Almotions were excellent on my partner’s Tripster.

  • What’s be option for 32/33c cx’ish not running tubeless so has some half decent puncture protection? Looking at Vitoria terrano mix?

  • Have you checked they beaded properly? Giveaway is sidewalk even to rim all way round.

  • Terreno Mix are flipping great but I have only ever seen them run tubeless.

  • Just got a set of wheels off Ebay and the previous owner has left the tyres on, a pair of Wolfpack Race Cottons. Just googled them as I hadn't heard of them and apparently they don't make them anymore as there were problems with the tread coming away from the casing. The ones I have seem ok, so I'll ride them to see how they are. Anyone else have experience with them? Are they sure death?!

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Which Tyres?

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