Which Tyres?

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  • I can measure a 700x38 Pasela, to give you a rough idea of width v height, if that helps?

  • Yes please, that would be grand! Thanks : )

  • They run pretty true to width on a 20mm internal rim, so 38mm wide, and just over 37mm tall.
    My ultradynamico 42mm tyres, also made by Panaracer, were taller, so I would say if you go with Panaracer you may be ok (I think.....)

  • Brilliant, thanks sooo much John!
    : )

  • Looking for some well rounded 26" 2.00-ish tires for the commuter.
    Schwalbe Marathon Supreme seems well regarded, although some mention they are not very grippy in colder temperatures.
    Are there any other offerings I should consider?

  • Continental contact speed?

  • contact urban are also good

  • Yeah these are a good shout, well priced as well.

  • GP5000 Str is here

    According to Continental, the new Grand Prix 5000 S TR is 20 per cent
    faster, 50 grams lighter and has 28 per cent more sidewall versus the
    outgoing tyre. Most of that is because it now uses a two-ply
    construction, as opposed to three-ply.

  • Hi everyone,

    Another fan of the marathon supremes here. Before I get a new pair, are there other tyres of similar quality but with tan walls worth considering ? Tubed, 700c, something 35 - 42 mm large, for a commuter.
    I've tried the Compass Barlow pass before but found they weren't protected enough.

  • My go to answer, Panaracer Paselas.

  • Are they as bombproof as a pair of Schwalbe Marathons? I've often thought a tanwall Marathon would be a perfect commuter tyre

  • I wouldn’t say as tough, no, but a great all around tire.
    Add Continental Contact Speed as mentioned uppage.

  • Never used marathon supremes, but Paselas have always served me well, folding or wired bead.
    My perfect tyre would be a tubeless, tanwall, 40mm Pasela.

  • Just a quick tyre related subject, the best £10 I've spent on bike bits, a BBB easy tyre mounting tool (jack/pliers/lever thingy), absolute heaven to use on those hard to mount tyres, and no more aching thumbs. Highly recommended.

  • 26 folks - is there a fav 2.1 slick tyre with good puncture protection I can get for my sister in law who has herself a retro? She has no idea about bikes and lives in the states so I’ll be buying from a us retailer to send to her, a s then FaceTiming her to change tyres.

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  • Conti speed king

    Conti contact urban

    Big apples

    Big bens..

    Have used them all and they’re all good. Apples and bens are heavier and slower but still decent

  • Thank you very much dude. I assume the schwalbes have the better puncture resistance?

  • You can get big apple + or Big Ben +. They’re even heavier but yeah will prob have better pp. conti contact urban have v decent pp for the weight and roll really nicely. You can use hermetic tubes with them (from conti) if you want a bit more protection from punctures.

  • wow its like you hate me! no mention of marathon supreme; the greatest tyre ever made.

  • Yeah lol, those too. Heavier than the conti but lighter than the BB / BA. I’ve never used them so can’t comment

  • Aha I have had the marathon supremes in 700 edition.

  • So I found one gp5000 + GP 4season at my local recycling station in good nick. Which do I run front and which do I run rear on my fixed gear?

  • 4 season at the back

  • Thanks for the feedback ! I will try them.

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Which Tyres?

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