Which Tyres?

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  • Got lucky with the tape I had. Up first go with a normal track pump and no sealant. Schwalbe seem to have nailed this TL thing.

    Because I know you love the details...

    Schwalbe G-One Ultrabite 700C 2" comes up at 49.2mm on the stock Spesh Sequoia "Hayfield" wheels. The (old model) 45mm WTB Riddler comes up just under too at 44.6mm (but it's getting swapped soon for a 44mm WTB Raddler for da tubeless).

  • Any opinions on Schwalbe Marathon Supremes? I’d been considering the Marathon Plus for commuting but the supreme seems almost as durable and not quite as hefty but maybe a bit pricey, anything else worth a look? 700x32.

  • Supremes should not have 'marathon' word attached to it.

    Please consider them in the likes of Rene Herse tyres but with absolutely amazing puncture protection.

  • Thanks, just to confirm it’s the ‘Supreme’ you are comparing with Rene Herse? I should maybe just buy them then.

  • Grabbed a pair of the new American Classic tyres for the shopping bike, the g-one knockoff in 40c. Price was irresistible and worth being a guinea pig (hopefully).

  • yes, I have a pair on a bike atm and have hoarded another pair :)

    had them in past on various bikes, absolute flawless

  • Hutchinson Tourareg 650x47 on i25 = 47.4mm

    Pirelli Cinturato M 650x50 = 52.5mm on skinnier i23 rim.

  • I’ll take your recommendation and act swiftly before you buy up all remaining stock, am I right in thinking they’re now discontinued? They’re replacing gravel kings in 32 which fitted under my guards with a cigarette skin to spare so hopefully they won’t be any bigger.

  • Where from?

  • I'm local (US) so Amazon here. If this lot sells out quick I assume they'll do international distribution before long.

  • Any good deals about on Michelin Pro 4 Endurance?

  • I ve been running Hutchinson Override 38mm at the rear for 6 months.
    Easy to set up on entry level Mavic rims,
    19mm internal,
    with a small floor pump.
    They unsit each time I deflate them but go back up with ease.
    The central thread smoomths out quickly, as on the All Rounds I had before.
    No idea of my milage,
    the edge of the first row of the side knobs is smooth.
    They faced all sort of surface,
    snow this spring,
    dryer and more rocks as I moved on the south edge of the Massif Central.
    No cuts,
    I m 68kg always with a Carradice on board.
    Lighter and more supple than All Rounds ,
    I don t expect them to last as long.
    But happy for now.

  • Best poem I've ever read.

  • Happy to please,
    I ll keep quiet when I change the front.

  • It was just a mildly humourous comment based on how the review read and appeared on phone. Don't be discouraged. Looking forward to the review of the front!

  • Michael Caine should read this

  • Slightly odd question:

    Is there a company whose tyres consistently measure taller than stated, but not wider?

    I'm converting an old touring bike from 700c > 650b, using rims with a 19mm internal width.
    Current 42mm WTB tyres are coming up as 42mm wide but only 35mm tall.
    I need more height to raise the BB and avoid pedal strike.

    So: tall but not wide tyres, in the 42-50mm range, for touring / adventure / gravel, and in 650b?
    Or least something that might have less discrepancy between height and width?


  • I am trying to source a MAXXIS Hookworm tyre, 16" x 1.95 (ETRTO 53 - 305), for trailer use. Any ideas for a supplier, preferably in the UK or the EU?

  • Do you have wide rims?

  • 19mm internal.

  • I thought Paselas used to be like this, but don’t quote me : )

  • don’t quote me

    don't worry I won't!

  • i found schwalbe G-ones ot be much rounder than WTBs, visually, but i'm not one to measure tyres once installed.

  • Who is, really?!

    To be fair, I'll probably just order whatever tyres are available and hope for the best. I think stocks are still low.

    Agree about G Ones looking nice and round : )

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Which Tyres?

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