Which Tyres?

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  • Well after much deliberation, I went with Rene Herse Switchback Hill with the endurance casing. Hopefully worth the cost.

  • Gk plus are a stiff tire. I just replaced my wife’s GK slicks with the slick plus. She had around 5000kms, no pinctures on the regular ones, but we’re off on a 10 day tour so thought we’d upgrade the puncture protection for that. They went on to her rims fine but I wouldn’t want to try and get them on a tighter rim.

  • Good options for slick or semi slick 29er tyres, about 2" /50c or thereabouts? For use on road with maybe a little bridle path / sustrans routes / light off road.

    I'm turning my MTB into a kid carrier so priorities are puncture resistance and grip, but I'd rather avoid anything stupid heavy.

    Best option so far seems to be Marathon Supreme at 50c for approx £40.

    Super bonus points for anything gumwall.

  • Alright, i think my Vittoria corsa graphene 2.0 have gone after doing 4500km. Time to swap to a winter tyre, any recommendations? Go back to GP5000 or try Michelin Power All season?

  • Wow.

    Ah, I spotted the problem...

    "I use Conti Revo sealant."

  • Vittoria Corsa Controls.

  • Lol. Yeah, this. If you like Corsa's, you'll like Control's. From a ride quality perspective IMO: Corsa>Corsa Control>GP5000

    From an all around perspective: Corsa Control is king of kings. Long lasting, grippy, comfy, fast-ish. Not as fast as the other two, mind you, but still fast.

  • Wiggles supply of Open Pave seems to be endless

  • If you can find Corsa controls in the size you want. Stock is terrible atm

  • G One all round is available on that size I think.

  • Went for the Hutchinson override in the end, mainly as the GK+ are nearly £20 more each.

  • Lol. Yeah, this. If you like Corsa's, you'll like Control's. From a ride quality perspective IMO: Corsa>Corsa Control>GP5000

    Ths is exactly my experience; hence I now run Corsa on Summer bike and controls on winter bike; both with latex tubes. The ride quality / speed combo is unbeatable IMO and feels very much like riding decent tubs...

  • 34mm pro one tle. dope. will be an excellent light gravel/shit road tire.


  • This could be the replacement for G One Speeds I am after....

    I got a winter of 250km a week road and then a spring/summer of more occasional riding on more varied surface...but the rear is truly worn.

    Think I will give them a go for this winter and see how they hold up.

  • Where is the best place who keep a good selection of tubular tyres? I'm looking for a not too expensive tan wall in 25mm-27mm. I have some Challenge Vulcanos that need replacing but they don't seem to be available any more. Nobody seems to keep much of a range of any one manufacturer. So far tried Wiggle, CRC and SJS.

    Maybe this:


  • Low to Mid-range tubs are becoming harder to find. I'd sat those Challenge Elites are OK but you can get Vittoria Rally for less which have the same TPI

  • Vittoria Rally are too narrow, they're going on an older bike which won't suit anything smaller than 25mm. Also, all the Challenge tubs I've had have been perfectly round. I've had quite a few Vittoria Rally tubs with bulges.

  • The new ones are available in 700x25 but can understand if you'd not want to try them if you have had bad experiences of the old ones.

  • I'd never buy rally ever again, awful tyres. You can often find veloflex on discount, and they are lovely, if a bit fragile. Challenge are good too.

  • Should I get some G-One Ultrabite Evolution 700x45 for the grrl's bike and set them up tubeless on her Hayfield rims for Scotland? Looking at her frame and fork, 47 will fit easy, 50 will probably be ok on the fork but I'm thinking mud clearance in Scotland.

    Looks like there's no Ramblers in 650B anywhere so will probably get 45mm Cinturato M for the front and stick the 50mm one on the back of the Tripster. Although Hutchinson Touareg Gravel are 47mm and a bit cheaper. Kinda like the sturdiness of the Pirelli though.

  • Just put 650x47 ramblers on my bike after wrecking a front 42c Resolute on a big sharp rock (plug failed, had to inner tube - the other tire can be a closet spare now) and I did want a bit more volume for stupid mtb trail riding. Decent clearance and has much more of a mtb tire feel despite not being that much bigger.

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  • Cinturato M

    The ultrabite would be moon on a stick stuff if its better than the Pirelli

  • But they have 700x50mm in tanwall (her choice) in stock...

    Guess who doesn't have his Booster pump though. Tubeless setup will be "fun".

  • Fuck it, I've bought the tanwall Ultrabite for her front tyre. She can keep the 45mm Riddler on the back and the other Riddler is a spare.

  • Merlin were getting rid of Veloflex tubs for a decent price. Looks like just Sprinters (too narrow for you?) and Arenberg (not tan) left. They do seem to have some Vittoria Corsa Controls though.

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Which Tyres?

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