Which Tyres?

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  • I'm after a pair of 700x32 clinchers. Priorities in order are cheap, grippy, tough, fast. What should I be looking at?

  • Continental Contact Speed hits most of those marks.

  • I've mounted Michelin Power Road on my bike (in 28mm) and been very impressed with them - still look new despite having visited a fair few filthy country lanes and gravel tracks on them, feel grippy and stable even in the wet and don't feel really any more sluggish than Corsa Controls or the Veloflex they replaced. Not super cheap at 30-odd quid per tire but they do make them in 32 and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend 👍

  • anyone aware of a 50mm (or greater) 27.5 tire without much tread at all? something like the Rene Herse Switchback but a little bigger....

    everything seems to be 48mm or less and although it's not much difference, I'd like something a little fatter.

  • Well anyone use the Conti Speed King Race Sport in 27.5 2.2??

    EDIT: bah! not tubeless.

  • i have the 2.2 speed kings setup tubeless. they are pretty gucci.

  • What rims by chance?

  • Might be a good shout actually, I had them on another bike for years and didn't really have any complaints other than the fact that they were a bit sluggish. Those Continental Contact Speed look decent as well, maybe I'll go for them for a bit of variety.

  • Thumbs up for the Contact Speeds as well mate. Had 28's on my commuter for the past 18months or so. They aint the fastest tyres but I've not had a puncture and they mad grippy in the wet.

  • Yeah fuck it, maybe I'll give them a punt. Cheers Jim! Hope you're good.

  • I had them in 37mm variety for a while on my groady - very capable things.

  • Any tires to consider other than Pirelli P Zero Velo TLR 30mm? Going to see the in-laws next month in Poland so may place an order with one of the German sites, assuming price is right but so many options.

  • G-one speed? Small amount of tread but by most accounts seems to be quick enough that they seem like they don't

  • Huh? That rim definitely needs tape otherwise sealant will just leak out through the nipple holes. The orange film that's left I think is basically some sort of Kapton tape that DT sticks a cosmetic layer over the top of.
    @MisterTomTom If it's still holding, I wouldn't bother changing it but it is strange.

  • Took it to my LBS who is also a dt swiss service point and they had never seen this before. The tape itself looks fine but they are going to change it just to be on the safe side. I'm at the start of an ultra next week so rather not take any chances.

  • It looked like they’d capped the spoke holes somehow to me, but have definitely never seen a rim/tape looking like that before

  • lightbicycle xc rims. hooked. forget the actual rim model but can look it up if you want

  • G-one speed

    good call. hadn't come across them before. Pricey though


  • Nice though. I like them. Did TPBR on them in '19.

  • Trying to choose between some 30mm tubs. Is anyone able to provide a comparison between Challenge Strada Bianca and Challenge G-One? Intended use is tarmac and fire roads - nothing too rocky.

  • What do we think of Pana Gravel Kings? Thinking of a pair of the semi slick either 32 or 35 for all-round duties. Mostly road but a bit of gentle path/track action- I've got away with the stock slick WTBs that came on my Arkose but they're wearing out and "winter is coming"...

    EDIT: particularly, what're they like at resisting punctures?

  • Loads of people on here seem to have had trouble with them picking up punctures quite frequently. I've done about 3000km on them and haven't had a single one though, like yourself mostly road but the odd dry bridleway etc thrown in. That's the slick version, don't know if that makes a difference to their puncture protection.

  • I’ve done about 500miles on a set of slick GKs, got one puncture so far.

    They’re nice tyres but I think if puncture protection was my main concern I’d get something different. Like Panaracer Ribmo, or I quite like the Conti Contact Urban

  • Thanks for your thoughts! I had another look now the kids are asleep and am thinking maybe Hutchinson overide 35 is a good compromise for me - fair bit cheaper than GK plus (which I now see are the ones w more protection from the fairy).

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Which Tyres?

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