Which Tyres?

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  • When you’re installing these do you use talcum powder inside the tyre? I find it makes life substantially easier and touch wood I’ve never have a blowout. I use Master 23’s on Open Pro and Neutron Ultra rims, and because I’m built for descending they’re usually around 110-120psi.

  • Believe it or not hand sanitiser gel and it evaporated to nothing afterwards.

  • Maybe something in the gel is affecting the tyre as it evaporates?

  • Thanks. I think that's a good enough review for me.

  • Yeah the price of those are nuts.
    I've got Grand Bois Hetres on one bike and was thinking abut Rene Herse when they wear out, but I can't justify it.

  • Not tried that, but good idea. The tube “sticking” to the inside of the tyre was definitely a huge part of why they were so fiddly to fit so that sounds like the natural solution to that.

    In the meanwhile I’ve pulled the trigger on a pair of Michelin Power Road as the reviews seem very good and make them sound like they could be a slightly less hardy but a little faster version of the Pro 4s - if that’s the case I’ll be chuffed!

  • Update in case anyone cares/finds these posts by searching in the future: I've replaced the Veloflex Corsa 28 with Michelin Power Road 28 and one thing became very clear: the Corsas are an awful lot smaller than the Michelin, and possibly than most 28 tyres, both in width (the Michelins wouldn't even get past the open calipers when inflated) but especially in height.

    Now I didn't get any issues with the rear tyre and that was fitted with a Schwalbe 18-28 inner tube, while the two tubes which blew out were Lifeline 28-32 and way bigger in size.

    Long story short: chances are a 25mm rated tube would work absolutely fine and those Lifelines were a bit too big despite technically being the correct size. The Veloflex were always very easy to fit and it stands to reason also a little easier to pop out if pushed.

    That said, the Michelin were an absolute pig to mount, so they're staying on for the time being, but I might give the Corsas another shot later in time with much smaller inner tubes which won't want to bunch up and/or push the bead out.

  • I'm looking for some decent all round tyres for a steel road bike I'm building up. I'm looking at Paselas PT (gum wall would be nice for looks but more concerned about durability and performance) or Michellin pro 4 endurance. Are there any better options for around £25 per tyre?

  • Goodyear Eagle Sport review well and come in tan wall. I've not tried them personally but I like my other Goodyear tyres

  • I had a batch of lifeline that where all splitting . Widle replaces under warranty.

  • What are the current go-to 25C clincher folding tyres (non-tubeless), that don't cost an arm and a leg?
    I was eyeing with the standard Grand Prix at around 35 EUR per piece, not sure if it's a good deal or not, definitely open to suggestions. Dry conditions, good quality roads, puncture resistance is not a huge key factor.

  • If you want a pair of unused hutchinson epsilon in 25c very cheap PM

  • Try Lifeline (wiggle's own brand) maybe?

    Michelin Pro4 is the go-to for non-TL clincher but it's a little outdated now, and hard to find.

  • I'm a big fan of Schwalbe Pro One

  • Just fitted GP5000 32c to my bike and they are so luxurious around london roads. Never going back.

  • Try 35mm tyres? ;-)

  • Contis are probably a safe bet.
    I´m running GP4000 at the moment, but thinking of trying the Veloflex Corsa Evo next.. Seem quite well regarded in general.


  • Thanks for everyone for their input, forgot to mention I'm in the NL so Wiggle is probably out of the question.
    GP4000 would've been my go-to choice but it seems GP5000 replaced it everywhere.
    That Veloflex Corsa Evo looks great, saved it, might give it a shot. Cheers!

  • Vittoria Terreno Mix, is there anything as good but slightly lighter?

  • Not in CXish sizes, no

  • The answer I needed

  • Changed my tubeless tire for the first time. It's a dt swiss wheel with dt swiss rim tape. Looks like the top layer has gone/dissolved. Is this normal? The rest of the tape looks pretty solid but my knowledge is limited. Haven't had a flat since first installation, months ago, so it must be working as intended. Just looks a bit weird?
    I use Conti Revo sealant.

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  • No, this is not normal. Doesnt look like your rim actually needs rim tape however, unless it’s on to help get the tyre to seat initially.

  • have just run the challenge strada bianche pro tlr in 36mm for a few weeks of hard riding on dirt and pavement. they weren't the easiest to get on my light bicycle rims but really not that bad, and once on not hard to inflate, they have been durable so far on some rowdy terrain and are very fast on pavement. never had a gravel tire before where i could average 30kph at the sort of power i can do. anyway recommended.

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Which Tyres?

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