Which Tyres?

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  • 30c g one speed? a used pair and a new one; £20?

  • Too gravelly.

  • must look, but i probably have a pair of schwalbe pro one 28 lying around

  • these are still for sale? Because if so: DIBS.
    Messaging now…

  • I am lazy :(

  • so i checked, have one in decent condition, the other is a bit squared off.

  • Fair, similar to what I already have then.
    Might just buy some new on payday

  • So having to step up my search for a replacement set of tires - earlier I'd asked about a fairly fast and robust 28mm set to replace my pretty new Veloflex Corsa for extra puncture protection, now I'm having to as the Veloflex clearly don't like my rims - twice I had a side blowout yesterday and had another one a week or so ago. Not taking any other chances and sadly I don't have any narrower rimmed wheels to play safer. Might stick those for sale later (with a full disclosure about the seating issues).

    Very tempted by the Michelin Power Road as they review very well and don't break the bank but part of me dies a bit at the thought of abandoning tan wall in the name of being sensible (and other tires which would normally be available in tan not being available because covid).

    Decisions decisions... 🤔

  • Tyres blowing of the rim? I’ve only heard of that tubeless.

    I’m running 23 & 25mm Masters (with tubes) on very wide rims. Will I die?

  • I have Veloflex Corsa Race 23mm on 20mm rims (v wide for 23s) and pump them up to 120+psi with latex tubes for track league. Will I die?

  • Came here for the tyres, but stayed to ponder my own mortality

  • Can you go to 130/140 psi?

  • Let me check my funeral plan is in place first

  • You will, but if your tyres have never displayed a tendency to unseat and let the tube burst out off the side they are highly unlikely to have anything to do with it. For me, twice in a 50km ride (and twice before in the last month or so) seems high enough a hit rate to start questioning it.

    Weird thing is, rear tyre has been fine, so wondering if I have a dud at the front? I'd really love for them to seat and work as they're great tyres and used and loved by many - really comfortable and do feel nice and fast - but I'm sure I couldn't help but feel a little anxious using those with my wheels!

  • vivi veloce, muori giovane 👌🏽

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  • What rims are these on? I have 28 and 25mm Corsas on 17 and 15 internal rims and had no issues so far.

  • 18mm internal (These ) - Veloflex indicate their tyres work as per the ETRTO chart, so the 28s should go up to 19 internal. My impression is that the tube might bunch up inside as they feel incredibly snug - this was with bigger tubes for 28-32mm tyres, so maybe downsizing tubes for 20-25 range might help? 🤔

    @miro_o did a lol 😂

  • Any recommendations for a fast, buttery smooth 700 x 38mm - 44mm tyre?

  • Panaracer GKs?

  • I've got some Gravel Kings in 650b on one bike and they're ok, but not amazing.
    Does anyone rate Schwalbe G-One Speed?
    or Teravail Rampart?

  • or Teravail Rampart?

    I've nothing bad to say about these (650b x 47c).. but I'm useless at describing how tyres feel.
    @amey bullies me on IG for using them so I might be missing something

  • you have drunk the QBP koolaid (and so will I in 700x45c flavour)

  • Compass/Rene herse are smooth as a television shaving ad. Pricey and thin though.

  • I would try Michelin Aircomp tubes. They’re good for tyres up to ~ 35mm

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Which Tyres?

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