Which Tyres?

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  • Those are the ones, I absolutely loved mine. Couldn't find any in stock when they eventually wore out. Replaced with the Goodyear Eagles which are way smaller but incredibly easy to set up.

  • Good shout! Thanks

  • My Vittoria Corsa CX tubs are nearly worn out on my track wheels. From what I can see they're discontinued - I really liked them, whats vittoria replaced them with in their line up? Or similar from other manufacturers?

  • Vittoria Corsa Graphene. Can be hard to find to 23mm though.

    Otherwise Veloflex ProTour race are another similar fast road tub that work well on outdoor tracks.

  • Whilst on the subject of track tyres, recommendations for decent clinchers that won't break the bank for use on indoor tracks? My Vittoria Diamante Pro Pistas are looking quite thin and they've been discontinued.

  • I've been super impressed by my 32c Michelin Power Road Tubeless. 4,000 miles in, no punctures, plenty of life left and surprisingly quick. They come up at 35 on my 25mm internal rims.

    Fitted these just now to a 25mm internal rim, feel great on the road but didn't count on the fender fitment changing so much! I could swap these Handsome MB ("45mm") guards for some Honjo smooth ones in 41mm (or even 35mm?). Much faff.

    Tubeless setup was a piece of cake. No tools needed and held pressure even before adding sealant.

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  • Are you saying the fenders are too high or too wide?

  • Too high mostly. The 36c (40mm measured) tires I had before closed that gap.

  • Then a spacer would do the trick, no?
    45mm fender sounds about perfect for a 32mm tire to me.

  • Been trying to figure that out in my head. The fender has a larger radius so just lowering it might be odd since it wouldn't be centered? Think I'm trying to square the circle of a tall gravel fork and sub-gravel tires.

    .. on second thought, it could work since the rear struts can get tucked in. What's a good way to lower/extend the bracket that mounts to the crown?

  • I ran 45mm pdw guards with mine. They fitted really nicely.

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  • I'm out of touch when it comes to any non-steel frames or headsets that are anything but traditional; can you get a daruma under there? It's basically a fancy i-bolt that you hang inside the fork and then connect the threaded end through your fender.

  • If anyone is after Pro4 Endurance 25s, Decathlon have twin pack for £49.99

  • Nice! I'm going to ride them for a while then think about the fenders. Likely downsize slightly and make sure I can adjust for the crown distance. I've got 40mm between top of tire and the bolt center, so this would do the trick.

  • Heresy follows: it doesn't matter a damn whether your mudguards are centred if they stop shite spraying on you or anyone behind you.

  • Of course it matters! Nobody wants to look down at their wheel and see a squiffy mudguard. Standards dear boy, standards.

  • Standards? They're big flags, right?

  • Get adjustable plastic guards or at least into the mudguard thread already >>>

  • It doesn’t help insecurities if your headlight is adjusted to spotlight your #guardgap

  • Poxy B+M requires two T20 keys to adjust the bracket angle! It wobbled loose and I haven't tracked down the magic pair of tools to snug it up yet.

  • What's the consensus for a decently fast/comfortable but reliable 28mm tire? Michelin Power Endurance? P Zero velo? Should I go back to Corsa Controls? Dive in on the Vittora Pave 27s for £25 on Wiggle?

    Currently running Veloflex Corsa 28s (tubed) - super comfy but had a couple of punctures (admittedly over big patches of broken glass each time) but get the feeling they might not be the most resilient of tires.

    I'm planing on going on a 3/4 days long weekend trip in August and thinking I might fit some slightly hardier tires for that as I'm aiming to seek some miles on crappy tiny country lanes and would be happy to cruise on the odd gravelly towpath and would rather not be fixing many punctures. Corsa Control V1 and Micheling Pro4 Endurance did that trick extremely well in the past, though Corsa Control G2.0 seemed more fragile.

    I'm running tubed but feel free to tell me I'm doing it wrong and should go tubeless. I might listen. Maybe.

  • I love Pave's but I sold the batch of them that I bought (I got 5 pairs lol). They're just not as good as Control's and puncture too easily.

    I am sufficiently impressed with the P Zero Velo's and would definitely consider buying them again. I am particularly fussy with tyres. They strike a nice balance of value and ridiculous grip and speed. They are not the most comfortable tyre, but for a tyre without a cotton sidewall, they flex very nicely over bumps. Definitely comfier than a GP5000 with a flexier sidewall.

  • I'm partial to this heretical view normally, just being a complete tart with this particular bike.

    Bit of gravel and road on a test ride this morning with the Michelin 32s. Definitely more of a roadie tire than the strada bianca, but does feel quicker which I was seeking.

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  • I definitely wouldn't class P Zero Velos as durable though. The super grippy compound also cuts very easily.

    They do have a new "Road" version though which is meant to have more puncture protection.

  • Pirelli bang, I have the cinturato velo and P zero race both tubeless and the outstanding thing is grip; speed I cant tell.

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Which Tyres?

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